Changing date in Excel invoice template - why?

  bondzie 13:57 10 Feb 2003

I use an MS Office 2000 excel invoice template.
Unfortunattely, the date changes after doing an invoice and storing it in a database. This means that when a particular invoice is retrieved fron the database and printed, it shows today's date instead of the date of the day it was prepared.
How can I store an invoice using this template and have its date remain unchanging? Solutions, please. Thanks in advance.

  Ben Avery (Work) 16:58 10 Feb 2003

I would guess that if you look at the formula in the date box is says "now()" correct?

This is an auto update to the date the PC is set to.

Simply type the date when you start a new invoice istead of using the auto-date option.

Select the box, format cell to a date cell of your choice, and type the date in. Then when you open it up, it will keep the original date.

Why not just keep a copy though in paper format so you have the original dates anyway, that's what I do?


  VoG™ 18:07 10 Feb 2003

Type into a cell


then press F9, then press Enter.

This will evaluate the date before entering into the cell.

  Ben Avery (Work) 09:50 11 Feb 2003

What was that VoG? How does that work, I use Excel a bit but find that typing =NOW() always updates whenever you open the spreadsheet to the current date/time? I tried pressing F9 and enter but it still opens with the current date/time not the original one.


  VoG™ 10:27 11 Feb 2003

You have to press F9 before pressing Enter.

It will turn the date into a number. You then format the call as Date.

I've just tried it to confirm that I wasn't imagining it.

  Ben Avery (Work) 10:31 11 Feb 2003

I did see it change to a number - thought I was doing summit wrong!

Tha's great - I never knew that! Aint you a clever lad!



  Ben Avery (Work) 10:33 11 Feb 2003

I just triewd it and my program performed an illegal operation and shut down!

EXCEL caused an invalid page fault in
module MSO97.DLL at 0177:3070ab13.


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