Changing the computer name/user name

  hiwatt 18:15 13 Jan 2013

Hi folks.I got a new computer. I got a new computer that was already set up in the store so the computer was called after the name of the store.I went to computer/system properties and changed the name of the computer there but on the C:drive the main documents folder etc are still showing the name of the store?The same for task manager in processes/user name even though I have changed the name of the user account too?Any ideas how to fix this?Thank you.

  rdave13 18:38 13 Jan 2013

As it's new, do you have the restore discs or have you burnt them yet. Don't know which store sold it to you but it really shouldn't have the store's name on it. Check out in programs how to create the reset to factory settings discs and also see if you can do it via the restore partition.

There are registry fixes but not really what you want with a new machine.

  rdave13 18:57 13 Jan 2013

Another thought, create a new admin account, make sure it runs OK then delete the old account.

  onthelimit1 18:58 13 Jan 2013

I haven't tried this, but worth a go.

  rdave13 19:01 13 Jan 2013

Doesn't work. Creating another admin account and deleting original is the best and easiest way in my humble opinion.

  hiwatt 19:57 13 Jan 2013

Hi yes,it was actually the last one and was a display model.I've not created any restore discs yet as I got recovery discs with the computer.Don't want to reset to factory settings as it's all been updated and set up as I like.I will try and create the new admin account and delete the original though I thought there would have been a way of simply changing the admin accvount name?

  SillBill 19:59 13 Jan 2013

Use onthelimit1's link!

  SillBill 20:14 13 Jan 2013

To change the username try this: Start>Control Panel>User Accounts>Add or Remove User Accounts>Choose the Account you would like to change. Click on it and enter the new name.

  hiwatt 20:45 13 Jan 2013

sill bill and onthelimit1 That's the first thing I tried but it's not changed the name of the main user name folder even though the computer name has been changed?Thanks.

  rdave13 20:47 13 Jan 2013

Create a new admin user account and delete the old one once you know the new account works to your preference.

  Taff™ 08:23 14 Jan 2013

rdave13's answer is correct. Just make sure you copy over any data before you delete the old account although you will be given the option to "Keep Files" during that process. They will still be in the folder named after the store though!

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