changing chipset under BIOS to fix red tint

  bnorth 16:38 22 Jan 2008

I bought the top-rated budget computer at the end of last year (the Eclipse Elite i675n86gt, obviously before reading consumer reviews) and have had a problem with a red tint on monitor since it arrived.

Under advice I have changed the chipset under BIOS to point to the graphics card on the motherboard - by changing from BIOS chipset option "PCI" to "onboard".
This has fixed the problem or at least provided a workaround.

However I'd really like to use the £50 superior "256MB PCI Express Sparkle nVidia GeForce 8600 GT" !!

My question is I noticed that as well as PCI and onboard there was a third chipset option: PCI-express.
Since the Eclipse Elite i675n86gt "256MB PCI Express Sparkle nVidia GeForce 8600 GT" is clearly described as a PCI express card can the problem be that my BIOS has just been specifying the wrong sort of card ?
or does a red tint simply suggest the card is broken ??
sorry if this is an obvious question ?
I am nervous of simply switching my BIOS to the PCI express chipset in case this isn't the problem and I completely lose my monitor - the problem would be hard to fix with a blank screen !

thanks in advance

  keef66 17:10 22 Jan 2008

Firstly, why are Eclipse not fixing this problem??

Your 8600gt is certainly PCI-express

Are you saying you've had to switch to using onboard graphics, and connected the monitor lead to the video socket on the back of the motherboard rather than the one on the graphics card?

Is the graphics card still installed? (most mobos will detect the graphics card and disable onboard graphics)

I'm not familiar with the bios on your pc. On mine, the terminology is something like 'primary display adapter'

  uesquebeathus 17:47 22 Jan 2008

your installed added card is PCI-EXPRESS so set your motherboard to PCI-EXPRESS then the correct 12 volts/amps etc power will be diverted to feed the card, the PCI power divert will not be enough juice to feed a PCI-EXPRESS card hence the Red/pink screen

  bnorth 09:40 23 Jan 2008

thank you keef66 and uesquebeathus,

so it does look like I can switch my BIOS chipset (as my computer calls it which might be the same as primary display adapter) to point to PCI-EXPRESS and it should fix the problem - and there's no risk.

yes I am at the moment plugging my VGA into the motherboard rather than the graphics card slot.
Elite should fix this problem and we have swapped emails. I emailed them Monday with the latest and not heard back yet.
They have suggested contacting Hannspree who make the monitor (my old monitor gave the same prob so I knew it wasn't the monitor itself) and downloading new drivers.
They were offering to pick up the computer which is OK but how long would take to fix ? it took a month to deliver ?

actually, another issue, I tried to reply to this thread last night and my computer rebooted itself while I was typing !
I also thought it gave a double reboot on turning it on last w/e too !!
lets hope I just knocked the power cord rather than another problem ....

thanks again for all your help - I'll try PCI-EXPRESS from BIOS as soon as and resolve the thread

  bnorth 10:16 27 Jan 2008

first of all you are quite right keef66 - my BIOS sequence is advanced - then chipset - then primary display adaptor, just as you said.

I have now tried switching to PCI-express since I do have a PCI-express graphics card.
Alas, and I was surprised, this hasn't fixed the problem in my case :I still have the Red Tint.
So I think maybe there is a problem with the graphics card.

I've not heard back from Eclipse since I emailed them last Monday (and again Thursday).
I'll get in contact with them again and find out how long it'll take to take my PC away and fix it as they offered before, if its a long time maybe I'll just live with onboard graphics (it took a month to deliver the PC cos, I was told, it was built bespoke and then, ahem, thoroughly tested).

many thanks for your help, I guess we've gone as far as we can,I guess I should resolve this thread.

  bnorth 10:47 30 Jan 2008

well as there is still clearly a problem with the graphics card on the PC Eclipse Computers have suggested
" as we do not have a "onsite" service as such, ... you would need to return the system back to us at your own expense, to which, providing the warranty seals have not been tampered with ..."

does this invalidate trading standards - surely I shouldn't incur expense and such inconvenience due to a fault on delivery ???

there is another complication - as of yesterday the DVD drive on the computer has jammed in the "out" position !! this will make it v hard to pack and getting it fixed, at my own expense, will probably invalidate the warranty !?

why didn't I go to PC World .....

  johnnyrocker 12:16 30 Jan 2008

would have been worse in my opinion.


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