Changing browser

  thospot 19:53 15 Apr 2006

I am thinking of changing my browser from I/E to either Opera or Firefox. Do I have to uninstall I/E before putting the new one on or do I have to have two browsers running at the same time. What is the best thing for me to do?.

  Taw® 20:01 15 Apr 2006

IE is part of the operating system so you cannot uninstall. You can have as many browsers as you wish and use as you like. I have Opera, firefox and IE

  g0slp 20:04 15 Apr 2006

I've just put Firefox onto my personal laptop to evaluate it.

I've left IE installed, & haven't noticed anything awry yet, except that Windows Update spotted that I didn't have IE as the default browser when I looked to see if any updates were available. That seemed to be fair enough; a quick change back to IE, got the updates & then went back to Firefox.

Others may have different tales to tell... ;-)

  VoG II 20:06 15 Apr 2006

With IE Tab click here you can use Firefox to get Windows Updates.

  ed-0 20:09 15 Apr 2006

I run IE, avant, opera and firefox. They can run separately or all together.

Firefox can run from a removable storage device. i.e. memory stick.

  Stuartli 20:10 15 Apr 2006

If you install Firefox then leave IE as the Default until you do so.

Then go to Firefox's File and select Import.

You can then import all the IE settings into Firefox - if you wish to use Firefox as the Default then Enable this setting.

Also try Finetune Firefox from:

click here

This speeds up Firefox quite substantially without having to do it manually via about:config (this is typed into the Address bar to call up if you do try manual alterations).

  thospot 20:25 15 Apr 2006

Well, thank you very much to everone... I have certainly got something to be going on with tonight. I will start downloading one of the two and see what happens.... Thanks once again....

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