changing broadband isp

  paradiddle1984 23:30 11 Jan 2004

i am currently on zenadsl but they have let me down for the last time.

there are a couple of isps that offer free modem and connection, i am looking for one that provides both these things along with a back-up dial-in account just in case.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

  Flaco 01:07 12 Jan 2004

which ISP would offer specifically what you're after, but try searching here: click here

  gold 47 01:41 12 Jan 2004

Beware if you havn't completed the years contract
you will get a large bill as a rule the remainder
of the contract plus payment for the modem if it came with the package.

  Djohn 09:12 12 Jan 2004

paulcomp, If you are with Zen, the modem you have will be yours to keep as you buy them rather than lease.

Plusnet do a very good deal and offer what you are looking for. They also do a "Migration" scheme so that you can change with very little downtime, [15 to 20 minutes].

What is the problem that your having at the moment though, it may not be the fault of the ISP.

As you know, the ISP you are with do not hold you to a contract, just one months notice is all thats required. But even those that are in a contract need to remember it's a two way thing and if the ISP does not keep to it's part of the agreement, then you may find you are within your rights to end the contract. I did, without any penalty even though I was only 4 months into a 12 month agreement. j.

  Chegs ® 09:19 12 Jan 2004
  telkell 14:04 12 Jan 2004

ONETEL are certainly worth a look. I find them always spot on and trouble free.

  paradiddle1984 14:39 12 Jan 2004

the problem is that they say they are sending me the dsl line but my pc is not picking it up, ive tried everything including trying a new adsl modem and nothing worked so i rang up and they wer anything but helpful and basically said its not their problem so i am going to change.

  Djohn 15:13 12 Jan 2004

Is your telephone line ADSL enabled, and if so is it through your present ISP? Do you have one of their recommended modems and the CD with the install files?

If so then it is their responsibility to ensure that the line is working as BT wholesale will not deal with you direct, only through your ISP.

If there is a fault on your line then your ISP will request a line check, usually within 48 hours, sometimes within 24 hours.

Are you sure that it's not a fault with the PC itself? Can you please say what the problem is, maybe someone can help you with the settings.

  paradiddle1984 16:41 12 Jan 2004

its been working since april. Zen said it seems fine their end and i have tried EVERYTHING they suggested may be wrong. They said they can raise the the fault with BT.

I use an intel anypoint adsl modem and what happens is the connection is not getting detected when i boot up. Even when not connected, the modem icon will say something like "upstream 576kb/s " but now its not getting anything and the light on the modem is orange instead of green when it detects a connection is present. Ive tried a different modem from my brothers and the same thing is happening. It literally stopped working one day.

Ive tried getting new drivers, reinstalling modem, re making the connection, moving the pc to a different socket, different modem, virus scans. Absolutely everything they suggested. But rather than deal with the problem they are trying to say its something i need to take up with BT.

They said the only thing they can think is that the noise is quite high on my line, the max is 60db and im getting 57db's but they say i shud still be able to connect.

The thing is if i call bt out and they say its not their concern then they are gona charge me a 50pound call out fee then add the vat. So as u can see im stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  paradiddle1984 16:42 12 Jan 2004

im currently relying on my backup dialin account and im paying 27.99 a month for this :( PAINFULLY SLOW lol.

  Djohn 16:52 12 Jan 2004

It does seem that you have tried most things, and I'm sorry to hear your having this much of a problem.

I'm not familiar with the modems you mention. I use the Alcatel 330 that Zen provided, but this should not be a major factor in the fault you describe.

Which O/S [Operating system] are you using?

How are you connecting the modem to the PC? Is it direct to a USB port, or through a PCI card, or a hub?

Do you have any other USB hardware connected to the same USB port as the modem, and have you tried a powered hub? It may be lack of power to the modem that is causing the drop-out.

If it is, then a powered hub should cure this for you. Please post back and let us know if any of the above helps. j.

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