Changing bootscreen

  willhay 15:52 23 May 2003

Does anyone know of a program that can be used to change the bootscreen, I dont fancy messing with the system files

  otubby1 15:58 23 May 2003

I hope you don't mind me jumping on the waggon with you here, but I was just about to put the same question to the gang.

I have an idea there is another thread on this but the search doesn't reveal it, so if there is chaps, we both appologise :)

  willhay 16:01 23 May 2003

no problem and i could find nothing on a search either

  pj123 16:06 23 May 2003

When you say "change the bootscreen" what do you mean? What do you want to change it to?

there are two bootscreens - normally in C:\windows called logos.sys and logow.sys

You would need to rename these two files, for example logos.old and logow.old and replace them with the ones you want to use.

  otubby1 16:18 23 May 2003

I downloaded some bootup screens from:

click here

I think willhay may be after changing the one with the progress bar moving back and forth the same as I am.

When I unzip it and double click, I get the message:

C:\temperary folder\ntoskrnl.exe application cannot be run in Win32 mode.

This is on XP by the way.

  pj123 17:42 23 May 2003

Ah. What you are talking about are not bootup screens but wallpaper.

You need to download them into c:\windows and when that is done right click on a blank part of your desktop and then click properties and then background and you should find the download in there. Click on the one you want and OK it and it should then be your desktop.

  otubby1 19:19 23 May 2003

Sorry about the delay. No. When you boot into XP, just before your desktop loads, you get the screen with the XP logo.

In the middle of the screen is, in the original setup, a small rectangular window with three bars/blobs moving from left to right. These stop moving just as the desktop with your wallpaper appears.

I thought it was just a matter of double clicking one of the ones I downloaded and it would be put into place. obviously not the case as you can see from my earlier response.

I think, if willhay comes back, he will agree that is what he also meant.

  VoG™ 19:23 23 May 2003

I think you may find what you are after click here

  Rayuk 19:31 23 May 2003

I think this is what is been asked about
click here

  otubby1 19:32 23 May 2003

If I download and double click on these, do they automatically replace the existing one? It's just that I thought that is what the ones I have did.

  otubby1 19:38 23 May 2003

I didn't realise so much damage could be done if I cock it up! Thanks for pointing me to the site but I think I might just leave things alone because I aint no expert if things go that pear shaped.

And my thanks to VoG™ and pj123 for your time and patience.

I hope that you have all helped willhay out.


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