Changing the bit-rate on BBCiPlayer

  Nipper99 06:51 16 Mar 2013

I wrote to the BBC iPlayer Support Team about the fact not many of us can understand there advice on how to Change the Streaming Bit-Rate Here is the BBC's advice (I Quote) You can reduce the video quality from high to standard 800kbps quality video by tapping on the "HQ" option from the media player controls (Unquote) So I sent this email as below

_*Dear BBC, > Your answer for changing the bit rate is a little > vague, could you possibly give me a fools instructions, so I can find > where the "HQ" option is, is it within the BBC iPlayer or is it on my > iPad Mini. > I am using the "BBC iPlayer Software" for the iPad., where the menu or > transport controls are not visible so therefore, I'm not able to > control my bit rate from there.

The BBC replied (I Quote) > Thank you for contacting the BBC iPlayer team. > To change the download quality within the app, tap the Settings icon > and select 'Downloads'. Switch 'Download low quality' to 'On'.

BBC iPlayer (Global) Team

I replied Dear BBC iPlayer, I assumed that you mean't the "Settings" icon within my iPad Mini, if so, there is no "Downloads" switch f or one to make any adjustments.

I have also looked for a "Settings" menu in your "BBC-iPlayer" application but "Settings" or a "Download Switch" does not exist there either.. Kind Regards


The BBC have now replied stating that I SHOULD find an answer in their FAQ's If not then I an answer by looking into the NONE BBC Forums !! ?.

Can any one here make any sense from the BBC's advice

Many Thanks

Kind Regards


  wiz-king 08:29 16 Mar 2013

Unfortunately you have highlighted the problem with the proliferation of apps/progs and OS's.

They have no idea on what you are using.

Their first line of advise is for users of Media Player which is/was the most common viewer. You didn't clearly list what you are using, you state IPad and IPpad mini in the same paragraph, that could cause confusion.

I suggest you start again listing your device and program details. The 'help desk' people start by following a tree with many branches and without the information as to what branch to follow they can easily get stuck up the gum tree.

  Nipper99 09:21 16 Mar 2013

Many thanks for your comment, you have unwittingly raised another reason for me to complain., the BBC assumed. instead of asking for further information.

I have an iPad Mini and my wife has a a full size iPad, had this caused any confusion then I'm pretty sure the BBC should have enquired, which of the two we were using, but, even more important, which version of both the Hardware and the software, was being used.

Your second comment refers to what application are we both using in order to stream BBC TV Shows ?. What else can one use on an iPad be it a Normal or a Mini, the only software I know off, is:

BBC iPlayer.

Kind Regards


  bremner 09:27 16 Mar 2013

On the iPad (Mini or Full) in iPlayer select "More" from the icons on the bottom of the screen and at the top you get the option to have high or lower quality downloads

  Nipper99 09:34 16 Mar 2013

I should have stated which version of iPad & which version of the iPad-Mini. in my last Post.

The iPad is Version 3 I understand that there has only been one version of the iPad-Mini to date, if there are several then this one was Purchased new in January 2013 . The iOs on both is 6.02 (Fully Udated).

As stated we are both using they *BBCiPlayer * Aplication as recommended for the "iPad & iPad-Mini".

Kind Regards


  bremner 09:37 16 Mar 2013

This has nothing to do with the version of iPad or iOS it is entirely within the iPlayer App as I described

  bremner 09:44 16 Mar 2013

I suggest you delete and then reinstall iPlayer as sitting here infront my iPad it is as I described.

  bremner 09:45 16 Mar 2013

...and ditto on my iPhone

  Nipper99 10:24 16 Mar 2013

Well I have re-installed and still no luck, I wonder if its because my iPad-Mini is Jailbroken ?.

Can we post pictures on this forum I am grateful for the help Guys

Kind Regards


  Nipper99 11:06 16 Mar 2013

Are you using BBC iPlayer or are you using "Medieval Player ". to watch the BBC 's past shows. I will download "Media Player" to see if that works because maybe tha's what the BBC were referring to in their advice.

Kind Regards


  bremner 11:10 16 Mar 2013

BBC iPlayer

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