Changing BIOS settings from WIndows XP Pro

  cosi 13:13 10 May 2004

this might sound like a strange thing to want to do. If I describe what i am trying to do, perhaps someone out there knos the answer already.

i want to be able to set the date & time that my PC powers up. my ASUS mobo bios has this ability in the power management screen, but it means i can only set it by restarting. since i usually don't know which date & time i want until after i am in Windows, its a bit of a pain.

so is there a nifty piece of (ideally) freeware that can mod BIOS settings from inside Windows ? or is there another way of setting a power up date & time ?

many thanks

  temp003 15:37 10 May 2004

Not sure I understand what you mean.

You don't mean just changing the computer's date and time, right?

Do you mean actually getting the computer to start into Windows at a particular time and date?

If so, Windows itself cannot schedule the computer to start, but a workaround is to schedule a task in Windows, set it to wake the computer up, but you will have to put the computer on standby.

Do you use XP?

  cosi 15:40 12 May 2004

Thanks Temp003. Sorry if I was not clear enough. It is the latter I am trying to do: from completely off to on, at a fixed time & date. There is a BIOS setting that comes with the ASUS mobo I have that can do this. But to set it you have to go interrupt the boot & go into the BIOS. I was wondering whether I could change this particular setting from within XP Pro or with a piece of software that works with XP Pro. Thanks for the idea about scheduled tasks. That's a good way around it - especially if I hibernate instead of standby. The end result should be the same.

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