Changing between hard drives

  Pine Man 18:29 27 Apr 2005

I have two ATA hard drives both connected to the primary ide socket on the motherboard and both set of jumpers set to Cable Select.

The master HDD 'C' has XP as the operating system and the other 'D' is empty.

I want to start loading an operating sytem and all my software onto 'D' but retain the use of 'C' until 'D' is fully operational.

Instead of continually opening up my computer and changing over the cables to the drives will I be able to boot from 'D' by changing the boot drive in BIOS or is there an even easier way?

  reaths 18:57 27 Apr 2005

you format the d drive and end up with dual booting option when you start the computer giving you the choice between option 1.c drive & 2.d drive

  Pine Man 19:05 27 Apr 2005

Thanks for the above.

Does that mean that when the D drive is running satisfactorily I can delete the os from the C drive and continue using the D drive?

  BurrWalnut 19:09 27 Apr 2005

If you delete the C drive you will lose a number of files that will prevent booting from D.

  Pine Man 19:30 27 Apr 2005

Thanks Burr Walnut I did wonder about that.

What I am aiming at, if possible, is two completely separate and independant operating systems each on its own drive and completely independant of the other.

Am I asking too much?

I have done away with a dual boot system on one drive because of always having to boot from the C partition.

  Pine Man 16:55 28 Apr 2005


  Indigo 1 18:07 28 Apr 2005

Why not use XXClone click here to clone one HDD onto the other ?

It also gives the option to create a Quick Boot Diskette to select either drive.

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