changing the battery on m/b

  stourry 14:32 19 Aug 2004

is it easy to change the battery on the m/b and do i need to re-do the bios once it is done
any advice would be apreciated
thanks in advance ray

  woodchip 14:36 19 Aug 2004

why do you need to change the battery? yes you will have to reset all the cmos settings so pen and paper or get a program to do it

  stourry 14:59 19 Aug 2004

sorry shold have said keep having to re-set time and date after switching on power. machine is switched off at mains at night
agin sorry should have said
i will get out pen and paper thanks for that

  woodchip 15:11 19 Aug 2004

The computer must be a old computer, if not then there is something amiss, it may be a faulty motherboard. As the Mobo battery should last years

  woodchip 15:15 19 Aug 2004

PS if it is a new computer there may be a jumper on the Motherboard near the battery. this is for clearing the CMOS settings it should be in the Run position, to keep the time and settings. If you built it yourself the Mobo jumper is set to the clear position when you get it

  [DELETED] 15:22 19 Aug 2004

To answer your question about changing the battery.

Most modern mobo's the battery is held in place in a battery holder and is very easy to replace. If the computer elderly, the battery is soldered into the motherboard, which is not a problem for the average electronics engineering, but if you're not used to soldering I shouldn't attempt it. Incidentally, I class myself as an average electronics engineer and it was very easy, the most difficult part was having to strip the computer completely to do the job properly, then re-assemble it.

  stourry 18:23 19 Aug 2004

thanks everyone for your help
again iam sorry it is an old board should have said it may not be that old that it requires the use of a soldeing iron i hope not eyesight not what it was
yhanks once again

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