Changing background colour of a black & white image

  johnincrete 08:45 11 Sep 2014

I have a logo which is a black image on a white backgound. I want to add this image to my website (being developed in Serif Webplus 7) I want to change the white background so that either the background is the same as the block it is alongside or remove the background or make it transparent.

  lotvic 13:22 11 Sep 2014

Note: JPG doesn't support transparency. Use PNG, .TIFF or .GIF instead

You could use Paint.Net that is free or there are online progs that you upload image to edit.

Working with layers Paint.NET ClickHere

In my old ancient paintshop pro 7 this is what I do:

Open PicOfRose.jpg

on Top tool bar click on 'Layers' and choose 'promote to Layer'

click on the 'Magic Wand' tool

put cursor on the background part of image that I want to get rid of and leftclick

it now has flashing dotted lines round the separate parts.

press delete on keyboard.

rightclick on image so that nothing is selected (flashing dotted lines no longer there)

I am left with a rose surrounded by a checkered background.

File - Save As - and choose .png as file type

That's it.

  lotvic 17:43 13 Sep 2014

johnincrete, have you done it yet?

  Pineman100 18:15 13 Sep 2014

If you have Photoshop, make a duplicate of the background layer (Ctrl+J) and then delete the original background layer (drag it to the bin icon at the bottom of the layers palette). Now use the Magic Wand tool to select the white background of your logo - if the logo includes non-contiguous white spaces (such as in the middle of closed letters) hold down Shift and click on these too.

Once all your white background is selected, cut it (Ctrl+X). This will leave you with a transparent background.

As lotvic said above, you must now save this file not as a jpeg but as a gif. The easiest way is to go to File>Save For Web.

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