Changing adsl modem for an adsl router/modem.

  Meshuga 14:51 16 Jul 2004

I have a usb adsl modem connecting my PC to my BB provider ( Metronet). I want to replace the modem with a netgear ethernet Router/ modem model DG834 to connect an additional pc. As I did not install the original modem I am not familiar with the proceedure so can anyone advise me please. My OS is XP Home edition. Meshuga.

  xania 16:58 16 Jul 2004

I installed my first network recently - worried but it was simplicity itself. However, you need LAn connection on all PC's - apparently USB doesn't work. Attach the first PC to BB via the router and follw the instructtions provided with the hardware. You will have to use the router to log onto a special http in order to set it up, but first read the instructions to see what information you need and get this from your ISP. Once you've got the first PC installed, just connect the second via a straight LAN cable and it should work immediately.
Warning - first time I installed, I use a cross-over cable by mistake. I then thought all I need to do was attach the correct cable. Wrong. You then need to uninstall your LAN (on the second PC) and reinstall it with the correct cable connection.
You can tell if your connections are working - on the router each will have light which should hold steady until you transmit at which time it will flash; similarly, on each PC there will be one or more lights where the cable connects.

  Meshuga 17:12 16 Jul 2004

Many thanks xania for your reply.I have gone through the motions as you suggested but am having problems connecting the first PC to the internet. Naturally I have not used the usb modem as the other one is a combined modem/router. I`ll have to take some time sorting it out. Age is the problem, mine,not the PC. Regards and Shalom to you too. Meshuga.

  byfordr 21:34 16 Jul 2004

1) Connect filters on all phone line (should have already been done with previous connection)

2) Use CAT5 (supplied in the box) to connect router to the pc. Pc should plug into network (10/100) port, select any port on the router (1-4)

3) Put Netgear Resource CD into drive. It will either autorun or go into my computer and double click on it.

4) It will bring up 4 options. Select SETTINGS

5) It will bring up a popup. Saying Connect to click here user name should be:- admin password should be:- password

6)Select Setup Wizard (should be first option) enter country and language. Auto-Detect Connection Type. Select yes. Now select next.

7) The only thing you should have to enter is the username (login) and password that you use to connect to your ip (internet provider/broadband supplier)

8) Click on apply

Hopefully you should be able to connect to the internet.

9) Would recommend you change the password. This should be found under Maintenance:- SET PASSWORD.

Some of the above may be different. I have the DG834G but I'm assuming its similar.

Post back if you have any further problems.



  byfordr 21:36 16 Jul 2004

The other pcs should just be a case of

2) Use CAT5 (supplied in the box) to connect router to the pc. Pc should plug into network (10/100) port, select any port on the router (1-4)


  roy 23:06 16 Jul 2004

Make sure that in Internet Options/Connections you have selected 'Never dial a connection'

Is the adsl light on the router green?

  Meshuga 07:56 17 Jul 2004

Message for byfordr. Thanks for your reply, one query please. In your reply item 5 says "user name should be admin, password should be password". Are you saying that I should use both those words or do they refer to the current words used at present. Regards, Meshuga.

  Meshuga 08:00 17 Jul 2004

Hi byfordr, re my last message, do you mean I should enter the user name and password as shown in item 7 in your reply. Meshuga.

  byfordr 08:07 17 Jul 2004

to log onto a netgear (certainly everyone I've every used) the default user name is admin (admin) the default password is password (password)

When you have everything set up changed the password to something else (absolutely anything you like) A combination of letters, upper and lower case and numbers is more secure than a word.

ie pa5Sw0Rd


  Meshuga 08:08 17 Jul 2004

Thanks for your reply roy. Yes the adsl light is green and "never dial a conn. is selected. Thanks to all who have replied so far. Meshuga.

  Meshuga 08:13 17 Jul 2004

Many thanks byfordr, all is clear on that subject now. Meshuga

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