Changed router, now can't see NAS device

  Rockarch 17:50 01 Mar 2010

I've changed an old Belkin router which became unreliable for a free Thomson one provided by my ISP. I'm running a small wired network which uses the 4 ports on the router - 3 for pcs, and 1 goes to a Linksys print server. The print server also has 4 ports available so I connected a NAS drive I use for backup to that. All used to work fine on the network until I changed the router and now can't access the NAS. Tried all the usual different sequences of powering things on and off - doesn't seem to make any difference.

I can connect all the stuff together and usually get it working but I don't understand enough about how networks/routers work to be able to tell if there is something different between the cheapy router the ISP supplied, and the Belkin one I paid for, as there are a few other odd things going on since I changed it.
Questions are:
Any suggestions as to why this should be happening?
If I plug the NAS directly into one of the router ports, and one of the pcs into the print server ports should that work?
Should I just buy another router - maybe one with more ports?
Thanks for your help

  Rockarch 19:17 01 Mar 2010

I managed to sort it out - the NAS had got the wrong IP address... but I still don't understand how!

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