changed hard drive, need to get files!

  wleb13 22:23 04 Jan 2012

ive recently replaced my hard drive on my dell laptop as the old one would not start up the system. Dell helped me and the new one is working just fine, but the question is how do i get my files, itunes and photos from the removed drive? Can anyone help me? it is a WD Scorpio blue.

  northumbria61 22:36 04 Jan 2012

You need to purchase a hard disc enclosure like the ones in my LINK - insert the old drive into the enclosure and connect to your laptop via a USB port and copy to new drive.enter link description here

I recently got the IOMAX one (No.2) but any would do - depending of course on whether you HDD is SATA or IDE. - just buy the right one. There are some that doth both SATA and IDE. The choice is yours.

  wleb13 22:56 04 Jan 2012

Thanks, Ive oredered one, its a SATA I checked. That was really helpful.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:00 04 Jan 2012

There was no need to replace the drive if just the operating system was corrupt (windows would not start)

However if the drive is physically broken (damaged heads /platters or failed electronics) you may not be able to recover your data.

  northumbria61 23:07 04 Jan 2012

Fruit Bat - it appears he didn't get the correct advice from Dell.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:27 04 Jan 2012

We don't really know the symptoms of the non starting machine

error message about no boot device or clattering from the drive would indicate a dead drive

however if the hdd led flickered and drive "whirred" then may be just a corrupt opsystem file or driver preventing system startup.

  wleb13 20:46 09 Jan 2012

ok, so I now have the external enclosure, but how do or can i get the files i want? music files, photos etc?

  northumbria61 22:04 09 Jan 2012

Place your hard drive into the external hard drive enclosure that you have just purchased while there is no power connected. Secure the hard drive case with the screws provided then plug it into the computer.

Turn the external hard drive on and the computer should find it automatically.

Go to my computer and open up the new drive that will appear there. C drive is the main hard drive of the computer so the external one could be E-F-or G depending on how many other drives are installed.

Copy the files you want from the external hdd enclosure to your main drive "C"

  wleb13 08:59 10 Jan 2012

Ive done that but there are no files on it, very sad i dont know where they have gone :(

it just says dell or recovery

  robin_x 12:11 10 Jan 2012

Can you see the partitions in Disk Management? What do you see? Right click and explore if you can see anything?

(Start/Run diskmgmt.msc)

What Operating System do you have? XP/Vista/7?

  wleb13 20:50 10 Jan 2012

OS is windows 7. I've done all that and there is no data, never mind it was worth the try and thanks for all the help and advice everyone

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