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  pcsponge 20:49 16 Mar 2008

All me stuffs gone small? icons on desk top, gadgets, web page don't fit the screen. Running windows vista this happend after an update in the night ? I cant't return it back to how it was. I've biggened up me icons a bit but that's about it. Anyone got any suggetions to restore it back to how it was. Also i've never backed up so that didn't work.
All sugestions greatfully recieved-thanks.

  Cockney Rebel 21:24 16 Mar 2008

Try the following right click on an empty part of your desktop,then click on display properties,then click on the tab marked "settings"There you will be able to alter the screen resolution as if it is too hight your pages can look smaller.Hope this helps.

  birdface 16:28 17 Mar 2008

Looks like your screen resolution may have been changed.Can you go into Device Manager and see if you have any yellow exclamation marks on any of your devices.Or if you know what your resolution was go where Cockney Rebel says and change it back to what it should be.

  pcsponge 17:10 18 Mar 2008

Thanks cockney rebel & buteman. Tried the right click thing and didn't get the options that you suggested also couldn't find device manager and unfortunatly I don't know what the resultion was before, however I have changed it via the control panel but it then all looks out of focus? I feel if someone knew how to change the scale of the gadgets this might be the key.

  birdface 18:20 18 Mar 2008

Maybe try a system restore to a time before you had the problems.Or Try Right click my manager.

  pcsponge 08:08 19 Mar 2008

Went into device manager -found no yellow exlamation marks. Regrding a system restore, this sounds like a good idea, does this mean that I should have backed up before now? I haven't -does this mean that I can't do a system restore?

  Sea Urchin 00:16 20 Mar 2008

Yes, you can still do a system restore - the system will have backed up for you on various occasions. With Vista when you go into system restore it will probably only show one date to restore to, but at the bottom of the box there is a check box saying something like "click here to display other restore dates"

  pcsponge 09:03 22 Mar 2008

Tried to do a system restore but is says no back availabele so I,m thinking it hasn,y backed up for me. Can yoiu guide me any further?

  Cockney Rebel 09:08 22 Mar 2008

If you look in system restore you should find a calendar with dates in bold type.These are dates on which a system restore has been recreated.Click on one of these and you should be able to do a restore ok.

  Sea Urchin 09:53 22 Mar 2008

Vista doesn't use the system of dates in bold type as in XP - it just has a list of dates for restore points.

  Cockney Rebel 10:27 22 Mar 2008

I thought pcsponge was on xp

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