Change the XP Home Drive Letters.

  David4637 20:24 16 Mar 2005

I want to change the Hard Drive Partitions from C:\ and E:\ and the CD/DVD drive D:\ to
Partitions - C:\, D:\ and CD/DVD Drive to E:\. C:\ has the OS on it. How do I do it? Thanks David

  VoG II 20:28 16 Mar 2005

click here

You cannot easily change C:

  David4637 21:06 16 Mar 2005

Thanks for replying, I do NOT want to change C:\ - Just the other drive letters. David

  User-312386 21:09 16 Mar 2005

Right click My Computer, select Manage

Now select Disc Management

Next right click the drive you want to change and change it

Do the same with the CD-Roms

  David4637 21:11 16 Mar 2005

I should have looked at the MS link you provided for changing drive letters before replying above. Will try it and report back. Thanks David

  keith-236785 21:19 16 Mar 2005

madboy33©® is spot on, just remember though you have to pick a letter that is available so if the drive letter is already taken (by the cdrom for example) you will need to change that first, decide what you want before you start and then change D to a higher letter like R for example

then change E to S (if you have E) and so-on (you can use any letters you want, they dont have to follow on).

once they are all higher, start changing them back to D,E,F etc. sounds messy but you will see what i mean when you get going.

  dan11 21:21 16 Mar 2005

Right click my computer, pick manage. Then pick disk management. On the right hand side you will see your partitioned hard drive and your cd/dvd drive.

Similar to this click here
Right click the cdrom drive and pick change drive letter or path and then change. A drop down box will appear, pick any letter in the drop down box. OK it and reboot.

Go back and do the same for the partition. The letter "D" should be available. Do the same and reboot.

Now go back and change the cd\dvd to the letter "E".

This should do what you want.;-)

  dan11 21:22 16 Mar 2005


  keith-236785 21:48 16 Mar 2005

forgot to say,,

if you have any shortcuts to progs on the drives you are changing, they will need updating before they will work (you will get a drive not found error), simply right click the shortcut, click properties and change the lead letter to the new drive letter.


"D:\Program Files\TheSnookerClub\iSnooker\iSnooker.exe"

you would change the D to the new drive letter and click apply, test the shortcut to make sure it works


just delete the shortcuts and make new ones from the program folders (right click and choose "create shortcut")

  David4637 18:43 17 Mar 2005

Thanks to you all, the procedure via disc management worked a treat, thanks for your time. David

  johnnyrocker 18:52 17 Mar 2005

and the green tick?


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