Change windows explorer preferences

  Dalglish2 10:05 05 May 2006

Hi guys

I have found after a back up that something mysterious has happened to windows explorer - by default, it previously opened at the correct file directory but now has a different one.

What this means is that I have to click to find the correct directory I need - is there a way to change it back?
As it's a work PC, I cannot do a system restore.
Many thanks

  Dalglish2 10:20 05 May 2006

Thanks VoG

However, followed the steps but it is no different.

Here is the target folder I want ..


Do I add this to the root ie

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /root, C:\Data\mccabes


  Dalglish2 10:48 05 May 2006

Done that but it still goes to the My Computer when I do [Windows key] + E and not the C:\data\mccabes folder - should it?

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