Change of Windows (2000 to XP)

  Legslip 14:48 04 Apr 2009

My PC has gone kaput and a pal sold me his for a reasonable fee. Only problem is that it has Win 2000 installed and I want to use XP. When I place the XP disc in the drive and boot from CD, it doesn't see the boot record and continues into 2000. Any ideas what to do?

  Diemmess 14:54 04 Apr 2009

Have you changed (in the BIOS section) the first boot device to CD?
The computer is probably looking at the HD first.

  Legslip 15:06 04 Apr 2009

Thanks Diemmess but yes. It sees the CD but then states "searching for boot record---not found".

  Diemmess 15:59 04 Apr 2009

Have just rebooted mine (XP pro) to remind me.

The first monochrome (DOS-like) screens whiz by and then -
"Verifying Boot record
Boot from CD:" (no CD in my drive of course)
Screen goes black and soon shows the XP logo etc.

Two things for you to be sure of.
1 the XP installation disk is genuine

2 The BIOS must look for a CD first, before looking at any information on the HD - (W2K)
Do another check on the BIOS settings and be really sure your CD ROM is set as 1st Boot device.
If the computer is left like this, it will add almost no time at all to a normal boot-up.

  Legslip 16:04 04 Apr 2009

Thanks again Diemmess. The CD is definately genuine and the CD Drive is the first boot device.
Just keep getting "searching for boot record---not found". Odd ain't it?

  woody 18:45 04 Apr 2009

Have you looked at the files on the CD and found the "Missing" file?

  Strawballs 20:35 04 Apr 2009

I'm thinking a problem with the CD I did just what you want to do with a laptop that had 2000 on it and when I put the XP Pro OEM CD in it ran straight from it and formatted then installed no problem.

Is the CD dirty or scratched?

  Legslip 01:09 05 Apr 2009

I'm mystyfied. Have put the XP disk in anotherPC and sees it and requests 'press any key to load etc' so disk is OK. The original CD drive is seeing the disk but not finding the boot record. Stumped at the moment!

  Legslip 03:21 05 Apr 2009

Think I've cracked it! Took a Cd/Rw drive out of an old PC and installed it. \put in XP and it found the boot record so must have been a dodgy drive. We live and learn.

  Strawballs 09:43 05 Apr 2009

So you got it installed now?

  Legslip 10:13 05 Apr 2009

Yes, thanks Strawballs.

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