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  the spook 18:38 06 Aug 2003

Windows xp pro
Hi. When using a program and it needs to open a folder to get say a picture how can I enlarge the box so when I next use the program the box will remain bigger. At the moment if I drag the box to the size I like as soon as I shut the program down it reverts to the smaller size.

  rawprawn 19:06 06 Aug 2003

Go to search at the top of the help page & type resize window /all discussion, you will find the answer there

  rawprawn 19:09 06 Aug 2003

Go to search at the top of the helproom page & type resize window/ all discussion. You will find the answqer there

  keith-236785 19:36 06 Aug 2003

drag the window to the top left of your screen(mouse in blue bar at the top), then use the grab handle in the bottom right corner to drag the screen to full size, then close the window.

next time you open it it should be full screen.

good luck

  the spook 21:03 06 Aug 2003

Tried all suggestons but the window still reverts to the smaller size, any more ideas I could try.

  john-232317 21:06 06 Aug 2003

as paperman said but close through file dropdown list.

  the spook 21:10 06 Aug 2003

Just tried that and still no joy

  Chris the Ancient 21:51 06 Aug 2003

Holding down the ctrl key as you close the window. That sometimes does it.

  ade.h 22:15 06 Aug 2003

If you find the cure, please post it here - I have the same problem, plus my folder windows appear in different positions at random. I've tried using Ctrl before and it doesn't seem to work.

  Djohn 23:31 06 Aug 2003

First of all you need to set you page Maximum and minimum size, before you drag any corners!

If you look at the top right of window, you will see three small square boxes, one with a line at the base only, this is minimise to taskbar and can be ignored for now. The far right one is an X for closing the window. The one we want is the middle one.

Make sure it shows as a "Top" bar only rather than (2) boxes. Now you can drag the corners to alter the size of the window, [I have mine set at approx. one third screen size]. This way I can have two or more windows on the screen at a time, if I want to "Maximise" the screen, I click on the centre button and it will fill the screen.

Once you have done this, then you should be able to close your windows and re-open at the same size as you closed at, even after a re-boot. j.

  Eastender 00:39 07 Aug 2003

I've found AutoSizer can be useful click here

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