change win 8.1 icons

  Newuser3477 23:42 15 Jun 2014

I have accidentally changed the trade mark programme icons on the Win 8.1 start screen to the boring standard windows explorer icons. how can i change these back say to the coloured Google chrome icon Thanks

  [DELETED] 00:57 16 Jun 2014

Ah, I think I might possibly know what you're asking. There again I might be miles away. If you mean you boot to desktop instead of the start screen then this might help. Right click the taskbar on the desktop screen. Select properties, in the pane that opens select the 'Navigation' tab. Under the 'Start Screen' heading untick the first box on the left. More settings available there for your own personal preference.

Apologies if I miss understood your question.

  Newuser3477 18:25 16 Jun 2014

Many thanks for trying to understand my problem. What I am trying to do is to change the picture on a tile in Windows 8 startup screen. For example when I first installed Google Chrome the tile had a typical Google Chrome red,green and yellow circle with a blue circle in the middle - their standard start up icon. I lost the Google start up tile and reinstated the start up tile by right clicking on Google Chrome in the Windows Explorer menu in the desktop view. However when the Google Chrome tile appeared in the start up page the tile hd a picture of the traditional windows general yellow open folder/file pictue. I would like to change the tile picture back to the Google Chrome icon picture if this is possible. All help appreciated Thanks Peter

  [DELETED] 14:37 17 Jun 2014

One way of doing it is to download the Google .ico file from here. Select which one you prefer. Just click on the Download Ico green link and forget the other sizes. Put it on the desktop.

Go to start screen and right click on the google.exe shortcut icon and select 'open file location'. This will open up the file's list. Find the shortcut icon and right click and select properties. Select 'change icon' then browse to desktop and select the .ico file for Google. Select apply and ok.

  Newuser3477 11:04 19 Jun 2014

It worked, Thanks very much peter

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