Change who can access homehub config page

  thespragg 01:40 16 Oct 2014

OK so: a member of the house I'm in found out he could block people from the internet at the times that he's using it using the access control so he changed the admin password and has been doing so the last few days. I overid the password however he could easily just do the same again. I know he could reset the router but he's not all too tech savvy so i feel he'd be hesitant to do that. What I need to know is how to stop him from actually accessing the config page, I want to just lock it off so noone can block anyone. And I've already tried asking him not to do it and he said no. So my ideas:

If changing the IP of the hub also stops bthomehub.home from being viable that would be the best option but I'm not sure how to go about doing that. Making it accessible by only one Mac address Disabling password override

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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