change a track to mp3?

  Magik ®© 13:15 27 Apr 2005

hi,i am now making coasters wholesale :-) All i want to do is put a couple of tracks onto a cd, the icon for one of them is the little loadspeaker thingy, the other one has a little green circle with a white arrow in the middle, I now think that the reason it will not burn onto a cd is because it is not mp3, really clutching straws now.. how can i convert the one with the little green circle so it matches the other one.

i hope this makes sense...


  Joe R 13:26 27 Apr 2005

Magik ®©,

This free program will let you convert your music. MP3 lame seems the best for Nero or Roxio.

click here

  Joe R 13:27 27 Apr 2005

Magik ®©,

I take it you are burning as an audio cd.?

  wobblymike 13:27 27 Apr 2005

I'm afraid it doesn't make sense, at least to me. Burning MP3's is pretty simple do you want to outline exactly what you are trying to do with what equipment and using what software and I'll be happy to try and help.

  Magik ®© 13:28 27 Apr 2005

thanks, I will give it a try and report back.

  Magik ®© 14:12 27 Apr 2005

an outline of what i was trying is, I tried to rip the audio from a dvd, just the one track, along with a track i already had, which was a mp3 file, the track i ripped off the dvd landed up as Nero media player file, which i think was MP4, and it would not lend it's self to burn onto a cd, along with the other track, so i was trying to change it to a mp3 file..i am now going to try again.

thanks all

  wobblymike 16:08 27 Apr 2005

hi if you've managed to sort this now all well and good if not a suggestion - if you have NERO you might have as part of it SMARTSTART - this is a programme which allows you (among other things) to rip tracks from a CD/DVD and convert them to MP3 format - I use it a lot and find it excellent. Worth checking whether it is part of your NERO package

  Magik ®© 19:26 27 Apr 2005

thanks for that, having not had Nero long, i have not sussed it out, Just checked and it has smartstart. so now i am seeing it through a new pair of eyes........thanks again all, for the help...

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