Change text format when replying (Outlook 2003)

  Mr Confused 13:24 20 Apr 2006

I find it really annoying in Outlook 2003 whenever I forward or reply or edit a sent message that any new text that I enter always is a shade of blue. I'm sure that there is a setting to change the default text to black but I can't seem to find it - can anyone please point me in the right direction?

  Eric half-a-bee 13:28 20 Apr 2006

Tool-Options, Mail Format tab, Fonts button. Choose font allows you to change the text colour.

  anchor 13:33 20 Apr 2006

Personally, I always send my e-mails in plain text. Some organisation will not accept messages in HTML format.

I use Outlook 2003, and when forwarding or replying to messages sent to me in HTML, I click on format, then select plain text.

  Mr Confused 14:04 20 Apr 2006

Thanks for your help guys!

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