Change of resolution at start-up

  johnbull 17:13 07 Jan 2005

Days go by by at "start-up" without any problems! then suddenly on start-up the resolution changes i.e. the icons etc become larger and the graphics are dreadful. I have learn't to insert the VGA disc I recieved when I purchased the computer. this then solves the problem (temporarly) when I follow the install instructions. I'd be very grateful if anyone has had this problem and has found out what to do, to correct it. I realize it's not a major issue, but the times of it happening are now getting more frequent.
Best regards Johnbull

  JIM 17:38 07 Jan 2005

Guessing its Winxp os and you have up-to date graphics adapter drivers?(What make of adapter do you use) Maybe a bit more info on sys.spec.

It can happen because of game playing (depending on the game)or sometimes when you have done a systems restore,though in theory it should not.Had the same happen last night after setting up MSN Cleartype program.Believe Java was to blame then but i do change and alter my Display settings and appearance alot but save the file so it loads at startup/reboot.

If running winxp have a look in the event viewer via my computer/manage, computer management to see if applacations, or systems,log shows any error at times.(red cross )

Its a problem, but why as you say( learn't to insert the VGA disc etc.)makes me wonder if you have ever had graphic driver updates? Here from you iam sure.


  johnbull 09:30 08 Jan 2005

Jim, Many thanks for your kind and prompt reply. You are right, I have win-xp, the graphics card is a GeForce MX440, and you are also right i.e. I hav'nt upgraded any drivers since I bought the computer, I did try a couple of weeks ago! I got into the Nvida web-site, but at the time, I was unable to get any down loads. I'll try again to see if that might cure it. Once again many thanks for your reply.
Regards Johnbull

  JIM 10:13 08 Jan 2005

Thanks for replying, Just a quick note.When you go to the web site to download the new drivers Please choose the software and the download program you may require.

Since your card is early variety Nvida web-site, forces you to download more than you need.May be better trying windows updates first as they also download Nvidia drivers.

More important is after you download any drivers for your NVida, choose save file, and know where they are going. You have to uninstall your old driver software first (if you have any) reboot to a standard VGA and then install the new driver if from Nvidia site.

Remmember to close all running program including your Antivirus software before you install.(important for most)

(i know Some small note:)

  JIM 11:21 08 Jan 2005

The GeForce 4 MX 440 uses NVIDIA's unified Detonator XP drivers.

select from Windows XP/2000 Driver Archive
Below are links to the archived Windows XP/2000 driver download. here

click here left hand of page,select windows "archived"

Choose and install the following or you could take there latest(Version: 66.93 - - Release Date: November 9, 2004 - - - - - - - - -WHQL Certified*-

Early drivers close to what you may have originaly had installed.

Windows XP/2000 - Detonator XP

Version: 29.42

File Size: 8.25 MB

Release Date: June 11, 2002

WHQL Certified Means windows pass.

Windows XP/2000 - - Version: 30.82 - - File Size: 10.1 MB

Release Date: August 7, 2002 - - WHQL Certified

  johnbull 17:11 08 Jan 2005

Once again my sincere thanks for all the effort and exellent advice you've taken the trouble to provide. I clicked the site you provided and it took me to Nvidia's site, together with the Drivers you suggested, I tried to down load Versions 29.42 and 30.82, however, it did'nt respond to the download button or the mirror sites also the site with version 66.93 Nov 9 2004,will not down-load either! perhaps if I try again in a day or two it may respond! however, please accept my thanks the advice you've given me so far it's been much appreciated.
Kind regards Johnbull

  JIM 18:55 08 Jan 2005

Are you on dial up or broadband?

You may have trouble downloading "if" you have popup blocker software running.Allow popup for that site,it is safe etc.If you are not sure what i am on about will see if i can answer.

When you click on "download" fron the nvidia web site there will be a popup appear to ask you to agree with the licence.You click i accept.and your download will begin.P.S remember to allow popup for that site via the tool bar if using IE Explorer.The following is part of the aceptance to agree.Place your download in a folder that you will recognize later.


License For Customer Use of NVIDIA Software

IMPORTANT NOTICE -- READ CAREFULLY: This License For Customer Use of NVIDIA Software ("LICENSE") is the agreement which governs use of the software of NVIDIA Corporation and its subsidiaries ("NVIDIA") downloadable herefrom, including computer software and associated printed materials ("SOFTWARE"). By downloading, installing, copying, or otherwise using the SOFTWARE, you agree to be bound by the terms of this LICENSE. If you do not agree to the terms of this LICENSE, do not download the SOFTWARE. ec.etc.

  johnbull 17:38 09 Jan 2005

Jim As usual, many thanks for the trouble you are going too, to try to sort out my problem. I have broadband, and have gone to that Nvidia site once more, there is no pop-up when I click download, asking for license agreement, it simply won't respond at all! P.S for the past couple of days every thing is ok when I boot-up my computer(fingers crossed) so; in the mean time I'll carry on as usual. I'm pretty sure you have been right all along i.e. the fault lies in the driver software. my next computer move is to purchase a new Nec 3500 DVD re-writer (it's arriving some time next week) so! after that,in a couple of weeks, I will probably up-grade my Graphics card, this will no doubt solve the initial problem.very best regards Johnbull

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