Change from POP3 to IMAP mail

  mgmcc 09:38 21 Nov 2012

I help someone run a "one-man" business in which he uses POP3 mail with Outlook 2003 and, in order to have his mail available in multiple computers, IMAP would be a much better solution. At the moment, he has about 30 Sub-folders in Inbox, many of which contain a very large number of emails, so the question is:

If his email was changed from POP3 to IMAP, would the IMAP server automatically pick up the existing messages within the Inbox sub-folders? These messages must not be lost.

  Sea Urchin 10:21 21 Nov 2012

No - the messages in the folders would not be available on the server unless the Outlook settings had previously asked for messages to be left on the server.

With regard to the large number of messages that must not be lost - I would not leave them in Outlook, but archive them saved onto an external storage device. Also, from a program operational point of view it is not recommended that you should create sub-folders from the Inbox, or any of the system folders. This can cause Outlook to crash, particularly when high volumes are involved. They should be set up as sub-folders of the Local Folders heading.

  Woolwell 10:52 21 Nov 2012

I'm confused by Sea Urchin's last 3 sentences. I use imap and Outlook 2007 (before that Outlook 2003). I find that the imap email account creates its own inbox separate from the main Outlook in box. Within the imap inbox I have 2 subfolders with appropriate message rules. These automatically sync with all of my devices.

  Sea Urchin 10:58 21 Nov 2012

Sorry Woolwell - I was talking about using Outlook with POP3 - ie before changing over to IMAP

  Woolwell 11:06 21 Nov 2012

Have re-read the previous postsI want to clarify a point. If the emails he already has have been downloaded onto Outlook and not left on server then they will not be lost. They should be regularly backed-up and archived. I keep a back up pst file for each account. If they have been left on server they could be available for download again. Personally I would back them up before the change.

A thing to watch is the limit of emails on the server. I regularly move old emails to archive folders and off the server, then back up the archive folder. Then I purge the imap folder of these old emails.

  Sea Urchin 11:19 21 Nov 2012

If the emails he already has have been downloaded onto Outlook and not left on server then they will NOT be lost.

Now I'm confused - are you saying they will NOT be lost when using POP3?

  Woolwell 11:27 21 Nov 2012

I could have phrased that better! If he has already downloaded the emails to Outlook and has them backed up then they should not be lost when using pop3.

  lotvic 12:45 21 Nov 2012

As per Sea Urchin says, He needs to drag those 'sub'folders from the Inbox and drop them into Local Folders. Inbox should not have any sub folders, neither should Sent or Outbox.

  Woolwell 16:12 21 Nov 2012

lotvic & Sea Urchin - I'm sorry but what is the problem with subfolders in the inbox? I'm not aware of any problem with that. If it is do with size then you should regularly archive old e-mails and this can be set up automatically.

  lotvic 18:45 21 Nov 2012

Apart from losing them all if Inbox gets corrupted.... I would have thought it easier to keep track of replies if each contact had their own folder that replies (sent emails) are also put in.

  Woolwell 20:07 21 Nov 2012

Mustn't hijack thread but there's usually a single pst file in Outlook (more for imap) so if that gets corrupted then not just the inbox gets corrupted. Outlook 2010 has conversation mode. I was wondering what the problem is with subfolders.

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