Change partition sizes

  alB 15:19 14 Nov 2011

I’m trying to sort out an old Acer laptop for a family member, Windows Vista basic with a small 70Gb hard drive that is split into two equal partitions with the C part very nearly full, using the Disk Management utility I’ve been able to shrink the D partition down to 16Gb and now have 16Gb unallocated. How can I allocate the 16Gb to the C drive to make it bigger, the extend volume option is greyed out …alB

  gengiscant 15:38 14 Nov 2011

This should do you.Partition manager.

  alB 17:51 14 Nov 2011

gengiscant, thanks for your link, have downloaded and tried the prog but I still can't move the unallocated disk space, tried to merge it with the C drive but no joy ...alB

  gengiscant 18:05 14 Nov 2011

Sorry I missed the part of your post where you mentioned " extend volume " is greyed out.Are you Xp or Vista by the way? I have found this, have not used it myself so cannot comment.Extend. Also the unallocated space must be to the right to use Extend Volume

  BRYNIT 18:21 14 Nov 2011

Is the unallocated space to the right or left of the D partition?

If its to the right click on the D drive and drag it to the right the unallocated space should now be between the C and D drive.

You can now select the C drive and expand it to include the unallocated space. Remember to click on apply to complete the process.

  alB 16:33 15 Nov 2011

gengiscant/BRYNIT, worked a treat, thanks very much for your input, although I don't know how long a 50gb partition will last before that's full too!! I might suggest getting an external drive to use as well. Thanks again chaps, great advice as always ...alB

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