change from orange to o2 broadband

  tonyq 18:32 04 Jun 2008

I am currently with Orange Broadband,and am thinking of changing to O2 Broadband (Home Standard)which I have just been able to start receiving. Is anyone using O2 Broadband? if so what are your thoughts on there service ect and could you advise me on the following. Am I correct in thinking that I have to cancel my account and ask for my Mac code at the same time. I have to give 30 days notice to Orange to cancel my account should I be able to sign up to O2 before the 30 days are up?
Thanks in advance.

  Pine Man 18:44 04 Jun 2008

O2 are excellent

Ask Orange for a MAC but don't cancel your account until you have a date from O2 for your connection to take place. On that date Orange will be disconnected.

You can sign up for O2 before you give them a MAC and your email will be set up immediately so you can start transferring your contacts. When you get your MAC just let O2 know and things will get moving.

  tonyq 09:21 05 Jun 2008

Hi Pine Man,
thank you for the advise.
I have taken the plunge and decided to change to O2 Broadband,Orange are sending my Mac Code in 3/5 working days. How were you able to sign up without your mac code,can't see anything on there website about it?. It says that McAfee security software is
available,is this for use on the computer or used for the router protection?.

  Pine Man 11:24 05 Jun 2008

Just start filling in the online application and when you get to the MAC bit you should get the option of providing it then or later.

The McAfee is a security suite for use on your PC and continues free until your contract ends.

If you have an O2 mobile phone on contract, or a PAYG phone and put £10 in it every three months, the 8Mb package reduces to £7.50 a month. I updated my old mobile to a new o2 PAYG that cost me £19.99 with £10 of calls free!

I had a bit of a problem with my phone caused by BT at the changeover and rang O2 a couple of times to see if they could help. Their customer service is free and fantastic. I had so much trouble with BT that in the end O2 fixed for me!

  tonyq 06:18 06 Jun 2008

Hi Pine Man,please could you let know which make and model of phone you bought. It sounds just what I want, being a light mobile user. I have signed up for the £12.50/month deal,but if I bought the O2 phone you mention I still may be able to change to the £7.50/month deal.

  Pine Man 08:42 06 Jun 2008

You can change to the £7.50 whenever you like it doesn't have to be before your contract starts. As soon as you have an O2 phone they will change you over.

The phone I got came from the Carphone Warehouse and was on a special offer. it was over two months ago now so may not exist now but it was a Sony Ericcson T250i.

Good luck!

  tonyq 11:39 06 Jun 2008

thank you for all your help Pine Man.

  Esc4p3 12:27 06 Jun 2008

Just like to add to the support of o2 - been with them a couple of months, setup smooth, connection rock steady and getting 7 of my 8mb speed. Happy customer here

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