Change or not to change Security setting on new Super Hub

  birdface 12:11 20 Apr 2012

Hi just got a new Super Hub from Virginmedia a few days ago already set up with it's own passtphrase for logging in.

Reading on the Virginmedia website it says there is no need to change the Passphrase.Username or Password as it should work Ok the way it is set up.

Any views on leave it or change it.The password and the username must be obvious to all those that use Virginmedia so not very secure I would not think.

The Passphrase is used when signing into the wireless connection and may be secure enough but not easy remembered although it shows it on the back of the hub.

What is the chance of someone hacking into your wireless connection if they don't know your Passphrase.If none I will leave it as it is.

  Woolwell 12:15 20 Apr 2012

I think that you'll find that each Superhub has its own password. Unless you change it for one that might be more secure (greater mix of numerals and symbols) then I would leave it as it is.

  northumbria61 12:19 20 Apr 2012

They could only connect if you had an UNSECURED Network

  Woolwell 12:26 20 Apr 2012

northumbria61 isn't strictly correct. A secured network's password can be hacked but the hacker has to be in range of the network and be bothered. The more secure the password and the network security (WPA not WEP, etc) then the less the risk. Your new Superhub should have the highest network security already installed. The chances of someone cracking your password are in reality quite low.

  Woolwell 12:29 20 Apr 2012

Good article. Read the last para.

  KRONOS the First 12:34 20 Apr 2012

Of course you might want to change it to something you can remember?

  birdface 12:43 20 Apr 2012


Thanks for the replies.As the verdict seems to say leave it as it is so I will.

I was just curious as what was best.

  birdface 12:54 20 Apr 2012


Read your article and looks like nobody is 100% safe out there.

As I have nothing really interesting on this computer they would probably be wasting their time with me.


That was what I was thinking that's why I posted.I shall write it down in my little book so that it will be easier to get to and leave it as it is.

  birdface 15:04 20 Apr 2012

Ok will class as resolved.

Only one nag left.The blue light on the large button on the front of it is a bit to bright.

I sometimes sleep in this spare room if I am feeling a bit under the weather, would it be advisable to switch it off at the main or just under the reset part at the back side there is a push in for off button.

Or maybe put something in front of it just to block the Light as it is bright.

Block the light seems to be a good idea.Will try that when it gets dark tonight.

  KRONOS the First 15:10 20 Apr 2012

How about you take it apart and remove the offending LED's.LOL.

  birdface 15:30 20 Apr 2012


You know how bad I am at repairing faults on my computer.I am worse taking things apart and putting them back together again.I Always end up with a few spare screws or something like that.

Not ruled it out but will keep it in mind just in case I need to do that in the future.

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