Change NTL USB Connection to an Ethernet

  stv1 16:23 21 Jul 2005

Hi I'm running win xp and would like to set up a wireless network using a Belkin Router. I normally have my ntl broadband connected using a USB connection but need to change this to an RJ45 ethernet connection so I can connect to the router. I have removed and uninstalled the drivers for the usb ntl connection. However, when I try to install the ntl software for an ethernet connection I'm told the DHCP release/renew has failed. You have 1 network adapter set to DHCP. When I check my network connection, my Realtek RTL 8139/816 NIC is not connected. Can anyone offer me simple step by step instructions to sort this. I contacted NTL Support and the told me I had to fiddle with the cable! until the ethernet light on the modem came on. Or buy another RJ45 cable.

  Strawballs 18:30 21 Jul 2005

Are you using a modem or et top box

  Strawballs 18:31 21 Jul 2005

sorry, set top box

  stv1 18:36 21 Jul 2005

Hi i'm using a ntl broadband modem. Any suggestions.

  Strawballs 18:42 21 Jul 2005

I am using set top but my neibough has modem and it has both usb and network output I am not familiar with the router that you have but it should connect direct to the modem then you can leave the usb connection to the router if you use a usb to RJ45 converter

  stv1 18:58 21 Jul 2005

Are you saying that I just need to leave my ntl broadband set up via my usb connection? Can you buy a connection lead that is usb at one end and ethernet at the other? Will this work?

  retep888 18:59 21 Jul 2005
  stv1 18:59 21 Jul 2005

Do I not need to link via my Realtek NIC?

  stv1 19:02 21 Jul 2005

Thanks for all your help! I've got to go out now as it's my birthday, 21 again! I'll check out the responses later tonight.


  howard60 19:34 21 Jul 2005

I used to be with ntl [luckily I moved to a non ntl area] the set top box connection was ethernet with a little gizmo on the end to convert it to usb. My little gizmo turned out to be faulty and I had to ditch it and use an ethernet card. You have to virtually remove every reference to ntl on your pc to change from usb to ethernet connection. Make sure that all network connections are uninstalled using device manager including hidden devices. It is almost easier to format your hard drive and install a fresh copy of xp but this is your last resort.

  Reevey11 20:55 21 Jul 2005

When you first make the connection
Make sure that the cable box is actually unplugged from the mains-not just switched off. Then connect the router and pc and power up the router. Now power up the cable box. You should get a flashing green light on the cable box, after a short while it should change to a steady green light. Only now power up the pc.

This method worked for my router (Buffalo airstation) and touch wood no trouble since. I do sometimes have to reboot the cable box as it sometimes gets confused.

You might also need a crossover ethernet cable-it depends on your router

Hope this helps Reevey11

Now i know this is for a set top box but it might help

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