Change name of USB HDD

  cholseyboy 12:57 01 Jul 2014

I have Windows 7 I bought two USB HDD's of different makes so I could recognise them. The first was Toshiba and the second was W.D. The two dr4ives are listed in Explorer as TOSHIBA J and TOSHIBA K

I have succeeded in renaming the second drive as W.D. K in Computer and in it's properties in Explorer, but Explorrer itself still lists it as TOSHIBA which is confusing and I cannot get Explorer to rename it.

Any ideas how to do this would be most welcome

  Batch 18:12 01 Jul 2014

Have to say that I don't get it. Renaming seems to work fine for me in W7. Don't even need to go into Properties. Just select the drive under Computer and hit F2 and type in the new name. No probs.

So, I'm wondering. Is the Toshiba drive split into two partitions, which might explain you are seeing what you are. But that does beg the question as to what the WD drive is being seen as (or is it not being recognised at all?).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:50 01 Jul 2014

I use disk management to assign a drive letter and name a drive. Provided I pick a letter that is not consecutive with existing drive letters i.e. P then that USB drive keeps the same latter every time I plug it in.

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