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  shellship 18:51 20 Nov 2008

In my previous computer my name was Brian xxxxx but in my new one it is Mr xxxxx (that's the way it came). Some of my old applications which need access to a database say that it can't find "Brian xxxxx". Probably wrong but I laboriously went through the registry (what a pain) and changed (I think) all instances of Mr to Brian in the hope that would fix it. Unfortunately, all my documents are in a folder named Documents and Settings/Mr xxxxx and I cannot rename it as it says that another application is using it. How do I rename it please.

  lotvic 19:06 20 Nov 2008

did you shut down the computer and reboot after the changes?

Is is XP or Vista?

  mgmcc 20:21 20 Nov 2008

You could create a new "User Account" with the *CORRECT* name, transfer your documents into that and then delete the wrongly named account.

  lotvic 20:28 20 Nov 2008

If it is XP
Control Panel > User Accounts > Change an account > choose your account and 'Change my name' change the name to Brian xxxxx

exit back to desktop and close the computer down, reboot and when the computer starts up the Folder in Documents and Settings and your account will have been renamed to Brian xxxxx

  Eric10 21:05 20 Nov 2008

As you have found out, you can change the user name but you cannot change the name of the users folders in Documents and Settings as this is a system folder and is protected.
The ONLY way to get your folders under the required name is to do as mgmcc says and create a new user with the correct name. When you first login as that user, the required folders will be created.

  lotvic 21:52 20 Nov 2008

when you say ""The ONLY way to get your folders under the required name is to do as mgmcc says and create a new user with the correct name.""

I have just carried out the proceedure outlined in my previous post, on my spare pc and it worked exactly as I have said.

(I carried out the change user account name proceedure to doublecheck that I had posted the correct information)

  Eric10 11:12 21 Nov 2008

I stand by what I have said. After reading your last post I have also carried out a test.

1. I created a new user and called it, appropriately enough, "new-user".
2. Next I logged off and then logged on as new-user to allow Windows to create the new user folders in "C:\Documents and Settings".
3. I logged off again and logged in to my usual account from where I followed your procedure and changed the user name to "a-new-name".
4. I restarted the computer and when I looked in "C:\Documents and Settings" the folder was still called "new-user".

I suspect that when you did your test you ommitted step 2 and didn't allow Windows to create the user folders for the new user before you changed the name.

  Switcher 20:09 21 Nov 2008

Must say that I agree with ERIC10 and MGMCC. Doing it the way LOTVIC suggests merely creates an "alias" for the original name. The original folder name will still be there in documents settings folder

  lotvic 20:21 21 Nov 2008

Well I live and learn. many thanks :)

  shellship 17:52 22 Nov 2008

Thanks all of you. I did indeed reboot and found that when I clicked on my user name in the welcome screen the dreaded hourglass appeared and just stayed there. Could not turn the machine off so eventually, in desperation, turned it off at the mains. Turned back on - dead computer. Oh dear, so took it to local guru and explained what I had done (including restore point before I started on my epic which pleased him greatly )and went to Yorkshire for a rest. Picked it up today and all OK. Chap who fixed it wasn't there today so will have to wait until Monday to find out what had happened.

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