Change location for documents and settings files

  Broooz 19:02 17 Feb 2010

I am using windows 7 and would like to separate system and programme files from documents etc to assist with backups and also restoring windows if required. I would like to keep my documents files in another partition from the C drive. I have read that this can be done by changing the file location in my documents. Do you know how do I do the same thing for all the other personal files like windows live mail folders and internet explorer files etc please?

Or, is there a better way of getting personal information onto another drive?



  tullie 19:10 17 Feb 2010

Theres no point in having your files on a seperate partition,if your drive dies,so do your files.Personely i think an external drive is the answer,others may know better of course.

  Broooz 19:14 17 Feb 2010

Yes OK I tend to agree but for ease of backups etc I was going to keep the files on a separate partition. However I am buying an "always on" external drive and I would like that to work as the default location for all my files like WLM IE etc. So the question still applies please.

  Technotiger 19:22 17 Feb 2010

Hi, personally I think you are just storing up future problems for yourself by changing the default locations of parts of the OS and your other files. I would strongly advise you to leave them all as they are, and for your peace-of-mind re backups, there is only one real solution - Acronis True Image, to make full back-ups of your entire System/files/programs/settings etc saved to your external hard drive.

  Broooz 19:56 17 Feb 2010

Thanks Technotiger but surely windows7 is able to support the use of external drives. I guess I dont mind having IE on the local machine but surely it can cope with W Live Mail on an external drive. It would be so convenient to be able to do emails on different pcs.

What problems do you have in mind?

  Simsy 20:23 17 Feb 2010

click here

on 3 seperate Win 7 installations. The only thing that needed tidying up afterwards was the folder references in the libraries. Deleting all the folders and then adding them again seemed to rectify it.

The PCs concerned have all been in use for 2-3 weeks now and, so far, I'm not aware of any issues having arisen as a result of doing this.

Good luck,



  Technotiger 20:40 17 Feb 2010

I've been away, having dinner! Of course Win7 is able to support use of external drives, I did not say otherwise, however, I would still be wary of separating the system too much. I cannot say specifically what might go amiss, but what I am saying is that IMHO you would be opening up the possibility of things going belly-up. I don't fully understand what you mean about convenience of doing emails on another machine - I can do emails on any machine anywhere at anytime, without the need to carry a hard drive with me - unless I am further misunderstanding, and if I am, I blame 'the age thing'....

Simsy's suggestion should suit you fine however!

  Broooz 21:01 17 Feb 2010

Thank you both - Simsy I will try your method - much appreciated thanks.

TechnoT - doubt you have the same age thing I have but you never know ;) Yes, I download my emails using pop3 and delete them from the server. I could use IMAP and leave them online but I think I prefer it this way as I can organise them how I like into folders. Once downloaded if they are on a local machine I cant view them on another machine. So my thinking was to put them onto an external drive unless you know a better way.



  Technotiger 21:05 17 Feb 2010

I can use my hotmail on any machine. I was 75yrs young 3 weeks ago .... LoL

  tullie 07:58 18 Feb 2010

Exactly,if it was hotmail/windows live,these can be accesed anywhere on the planet,on any machine.

  john bunyan 09:52 18 Feb 2010

Having once lost data due to a virus, this is what I do on W7:
1. I have two internal SATA drives, master and slave. The slave is in a removable caddy and is stored away from the PC. I also have an external HD (USB).
2. My primary drive is partitioned c:(100gig) for system & programme files, and an f: drive (200 gig) for data (basically the old "My Documents" stuff, and W7 indexing has been "told" ehere they are.I believe that this partitioning is useful, not if the drive fails, but whereas you can easilt keep copies of data you have to make images of system files, which takes time.
3. Weeklt, I scan for malware etc, defrag, then clone the primary drive to the slave using ATI 2010, then make an image of each partition on the external HD, and also a mirror copy of "My Documents" on it using FreeFileSynch.

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