change local account to Microsoft account in windows 8

  mackers 20:34 09 Jan 2013

Can't connect to Microsoft services to change local account to Microsoft account in windows 8?

  lotvic 21:44 09 Jan 2013

Is this how you are doing it?

Windows 8 How To: Switch Between Windows Accounts and Local Accounts ClickHere

  mackers 07:51 10 Jan 2013

Thanks lotvic. Yes. I don't have a hotmail address and when I click to 'sign up' I get '..can't contact Microsoft Services right now etc.' Have checked network diagnostics and problem can't be identified. At one stage got a 0x800c0008 error message. Even tried a 'clean boot' though I may not have tried all the options on this yet.

  lotvic 09:18 10 Jan 2013

there's a part on Howto Geek about not using a hotmail address, might be of some use.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:42 10 Jan 2013

"got a 0x800c0008 error message"

Apparently that's a general network failure error. Apologies for asking an obvious question, but can the affected PC connect OK to the Internet? If it can, then does your security software have its own firewall? If it does then see if you can temporarily disable it for a while then try changing your account type again.

  mackers 11:06 10 Jan 2013

Have tried disabling firewall and I still get 'Sorry we couldn't connect to Microsoft Services right now. If this problem persists search for 'Network Problems' on the start screen. Done this but still get the same message

  lotvic 11:59 10 Jan 2013

I think I may have some sort of an answer, Have you created a Microsoft Account with your non hotmail address? (lateral thought - you can't sign in to an account that doesn't exist yet)

How would you like to sign in? on Sign Up page

Found this on

"While most Microsoft accounts will probably be associated with an,, or email address, you can create a Microsoft account linked to any email address. For example, you could have a Microsoft account linked to your email address"

  lotvic 12:03 10 Jan 2013

On second thoughts, reading your posts it looks as if that is where it fails?

Could it be a Proxy problem?

  Secret-Squirrel 12:07 10 Jan 2013

" Have you created a Microsoft Account..."

That's what the OP's trying to do ;)

Yours is a good idea though. Rather than signing up for a Microsoft account via Windows 8, it may help if the account was created via the appropriate webpage.

  mackers 17:08 10 Jan 2013

Thanks guys. Opened a Microsoft Account via the official web page (and via another PC). Verified the email address but the problem still persists. I reckon its a network proxy problem.

  mackers 08:08 13 Jan 2013

Sorted. Turned out to be a registry problem. A complete system restore was the solution. Of course was easy to this as then laptop was brand new so nothing on it. Thanks again for your help.

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