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Change laptop hard drive for another

  Govan1x 12:46 27 May 2020

I have my granddaughters old laptop with loads of photos etc on it. She stays in Australia now so would like to keep her original hard drive and replace it with another one.

It has windows 7 on it and would wish to update it to W10 while we can still get it free.

Is there an easy way of doing this or would I have to use the likes of Macrium Reflect

I have a caddy that I can use for the new hard drive, Would I have to reformat that before use.

Little problem the product key on the laptop is none readable with letters now rubbed out through use. i was thinking about a clean install of W7 but as i cant read the product key that could cause problems.

The easiest possible way to do it please.

  wee eddie 13:47 27 May 2020

I would normally use Belarc Advisor

  Govan1x 14:13 27 May 2020

Looks like I will have to go that way wee eddie as it does not see my other hard drive on macrium. it only wants to clone using a DVD.

Other drive shows in my computer but not in macrium.

  Jollyjohn 14:40 27 May 2020

Produkey - should show you the W7 key - click here

  x13 15:06 27 May 2020

As you have no record of the key I wouldn't rely on the likes of Belarc etc. First thing I would do is create an image of the original drive on another USB drive and keep it safe so if anything goes belly up you can restore it. Make another backup of the photos and data. Also create Macrium's recovery medium. Once that's done do an upgrade to Windows 10 on the original drive and if that is successful create a clone to the drive that will replace it.

How to Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 for Free

  x13 15:12 27 May 2020

PS check that it has verified after the upgrade to Win 10.

Is the new drive initialized and given a letter and formatted? May be that's why Macrium isn't 'seeing' it.

  x13 15:23 27 May 2020

PPS I've just checked Macrium. You have to connect the external drive to the laptop before you open Macrium for it to see the drive.

  Govan1x 15:34 27 May 2020

it is giving a letter E and has been formatted.

I was hoping it would have been like windows 10 just download the ISO and run it but it asks for the keycode on W7 i believe.

my own computer playing up a bit. having a bit of bother from plusnet at the moment.

Could be a while but will get back to you asap.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:48 27 May 2020

I would

  1. make and image of the drive to an exterbnal source using something like macrium.

  2. back up all photos to another external source (call me paranoid)

  3. make a win 10 boot media usb
  4. boot from the USB and do an upgrade to win 10 5 let it connect to the internet so MS records the product key on their servers
  5. Swap the drive for the new one
  6. boot from the USb and do a clean install of win 10. 8 let it connect to the internet and check it is activated. 9 put the old HDD somewhere safe even though you have an image and the photos backed up (I did say I was paranoid).
  Govan1x 12:37 28 May 2020

Unfortunately nothing works at the moment a bit of a problem with it installing using any procedure

I actually remembered that I had made 3 recovery dvd's for it about 3 years ago and was amazed when i actually found them.

Basically it stops with not enough room on the drive to download it.

Obviously a partition or a wrong setting on it. only 0.3gb on drive so drive to small it says. or wrong setting.

I will get pictures of the partitions a bit later I am sure it will be easy fixed.

Thanks for taking an interest everyone.

  Govan1x 15:05 28 May 2020

Right lets see it this works

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