Change $ key to £ on US keyboard

  Doug29 15:16 19 Mar 2005

Is there a way to change the $ key to £ on a US keyboard. Many thanks

  JayDay 16:03 19 Mar 2005

I think you mean that your keyboard is set to US. I don't think they make different keyboards. Go to Control Panel and select Date, Time, Language and Regional Options, Regional and Language Options. Select languages tab at the top and click on details. Change the keyboard layout to UK English.

  Pesala 16:26 19 Mar 2005

If you're using a US keyboard, you can type a £ sign with Control Alter Shift 4.

  €dstowe 19:14 19 Mar 2005

They do make American keyboards without any £ sign and other keys moved around.

Other languages have their own key layout as well. As an example a French layout starts A Z E R T Y instead of the English Q W E R T Y.

If you really do have an American keyboard, Doug29, you can buy quite reasonable UK ones for not very much money.

  woodchip 19:22 19 Mar 2005

Is it a laptop. If not go to Control Panel Regional and Languages icon double click and change to British English

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