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  Charlie37 18:53 10 Jan 2003
  Charlie37 18:53 10 Jan 2003

I currently have a BT Surftime package together with BT as the ISP (Daytime Icon and a Surftime Icon).

My question is, I want to change over to Freeserve Anytime. Do I have to keep the BT Surftime Package?

Sorry for being so dim I`ve never had to change ISP before!


  Lú-tzé 19:20 10 Jan 2003

I think not - freeserve anytime is (as far as I can ascertain) unconnected with surftime.

  caast ©™ 19:37 10 Jan 2003

You dont have to use BT as your ISP you have the choice. However if your line rental is with BT you will still have the line rental, and any other addon's such as family & friends, free local after 6 and weekends etc.

I,m not sure about freeserve cost's some cost's are sometimes associated within BT's like Talk and surf packages that are added to your phone bill, that is something you will have to check out.

Is it really freeserve anytime is anything for free? what cost's are involved?, if there are no cost's for surfing at anytime please let me have the details.

  Lú-tzé 21:15 10 Jan 2003

Freeserve anytime is about £15 per month - so not that free! It means you can connect anytime - hence the name, but I don't think it is unlimited.

  Paranoid Android 21:42 10 Jan 2003

Do you have BT Surf Together call package for your phone bill ? If so, I think it will no longer benefit you if you stop using BT as your ISP, and it costs you money, so you may as well cancel it.

I could be mistaken but worth checking out.


  Charlie37 21:44 10 Jan 2003

Thanks to all who replied.

  Paranoid Android 21:44 10 Jan 2003

PS Freeserve anytime - You pay a monthly fee but then the calls are free - useful for heavy duty surfers with big phone bills !


  Strawballs 23:37 10 Jan 2003

It's all very well saying that, but if it's anything like BTOpenworld/Internet, heavy users get penalised. We were completely cut off and our account was deleted because we used it too often. So, not necessarily good for heavy users.

  deke 01:25 11 Jan 2003

check out this link

freeserve is going cheap to new members
click here

  Charlie37 11:47 11 Jan 2003

Thanks for all your help!


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