Change ima image files to jpg

  awest3 09:13 16 Nov 2013

I have some image files which a friend has asked me to convert to jpg.

I've tried lots of converters off the internet to no avail, even those which state that they can convert these files. I also cant find anything which will open them.

Any advice gratefully received as ever.


  Secret-Squirrel 09:39 16 Nov 2013

IMA files are disk images, and because they aren't photo or picture files, they can't be converted to JPGs.

If the images contain photo or picture files then the link above suggests at least two programs that will open them.

  awest3 10:31 16 Nov 2013

Thanks for this, I'll give them a try.

The names of the images certainly suggest they are photos.

I'll get more information on how he got them.


  Secret-Squirrel 11:32 16 Nov 2013

"The names of the images certainly suggest they are photos."

How big are these files?

"I'll get more information on how he got them."

That sounds like a good idea.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:36 16 Nov 2013

According to my earlier link, if you don't have Nero installed then IMA files can also be opened in the free WinImage. If it works then you can extract the picture files you need from those IMAs you've been given.

Good luck.

  awest3 17:40 16 Nov 2013

hi, The files range between 250kb and 2000kb.

I've tried nero with no joy.

Winimage simply says 'Error reading file'

So I think I'm probably not going to find a solution for this.

Thanks for your help though.


  Secret-Squirrel 18:41 16 Nov 2013

That's a disappointing outcome - I was hoping you'd find them to be photo-CD images, but those files sizes are too small so it's highly unlikely.

If you can get the story of those files and the program that created them then that may help.

  awest3 22:24 16 Nov 2013

Ok thanks, will give it a go.


  awest3 15:15 17 Nov 2013

Thanks for the suggestion but still no go I'm afraid..

I'll talk to the guy tomorrow and find out exactly where they came from.

I'll get back so you know the outcome.

Thanks again


  speedup 11:46 05 Jun 2015

someone was able to solve this problem?

  awest3 08:36 07 Jun 2015

Hi, They turned out to be disk image files and so, as far as I found, could not be converted to Jpg. Its said that IMA files can be opened by WinImage, Nero Burning Rom and Microsoft Virtual Machine. I never had any luck doing so. Luckily I found the same images on his PC in bit image which I was able to convert. Al

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