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Change IE 11 screen Windows 8.1

  tonyq 11:29 01 Mar 2015

Hi all,

Is it possible if so,what is the easiest way to change Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 8.1) to look like IE 11 on Windows 7, (menu,status bars and tabs ect at the top)

Link to IE 11 on Windows 7 screen shot

click here to IE 11 on Windows 8.1 screen shot

click here


  tonyq 12:43 01 Mar 2015

I have removed a lot of malware from a friends Windows 8.1 laptop. When we went on IE 11 it was like full screen showing the tabs at the bottom of the screen hidden till hovered over (I think),as like the link I provided,(which was not the actual screen shot just a image downloaded from internet), and we would prefer it to be like IE on Windows 7 with tabs/menues showing at the top if possible. I do not have Windows 8.1 so am struggling and my friend is new to Computers and I do not have his laptop at the moment, that is why I asked for simple instructions so I could maybe talk him through it over the phone.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:54 01 Mar 2015

"...........and we would prefer it to be like IE on Windows 7"

There are two versions of IE in Windows 8 and you guys are currently using the "wrong" one. To access the more familiar, Windows 7 style, "desktop" version of IE, have a read of these two links:

How to choose between the desktop and Modern UI versions of Internet Explorer 10 under Windows 8

How to open Internet Explorer 11 in Desktop Mode on Windows 8.1

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