change icon?

  dp464 11:36 16 Jun 2004

Hi I have windows 98, and use a cd rom art explosion 600000, for graphics images. I would like to change desktop icons for images that relate to the program, but when searching in browse under icon files no images appear. anyone know what i'm doing wrong

thanks duncan

  Sethhaniel 11:39 16 Jun 2004

for *.ico to find where icons are located

  Gongoozler 11:55 16 Jun 2004

You can even create your own icon. Create a picture in any bitmap editor, such as Microsoft Paint. The picture must be 32 x 32 pixels and 256 colours. Save it as a Windows Bitmap (bmp) type file, but change the extension to .ico, e.g. mypicture.ico. You can put the file anywhere, but I keep mine in C:\WINDOWS. Then when you browse for icon files, pick it up from the folder you put it in.

  dp464 11:58 16 Jun 2004

I have put this in under file name and pressed browse, still nothing happens. me being dim or does this mean it did not find any?

  Gongoozler 12:14 16 Jun 2004

Did you search all your drives? The common Windows icons are held in System files, so you will only find them via the "Change icon" option for the shortcut. In my Windows 98se installation they are in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\shell32.dll. Any individual icons can be anywhere on your hard drive so you need to ensure that you search all the possible folders.

  conrail 14:35 16 Jun 2004

create a new file somewhere where you will be able to locate it easy then do as Gongoozler stated, creat your own icons and save into that file, I have a mine located @ c:\icons

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