change home network name

  redeyenewby 12:43 17 May 2011

I have just reformatted my hard drive and am reinstalling my apps. Unfortunately when I installed my router I gave the wrong name for my home network. I wish to reinstall my wireless printer but I need to change the home network name to the original one which the other equipment will accept. How do I do this,please.

  Strawballs 12:48 17 May 2011

What router do you have?

  Strawballs 12:52 17 May 2011

Sorry might have misread what you wanted is it the SSID (wireless name transmitted by your router) or the network name in windows eg MSHOME or WORKGROUP?

  redeyenewby 14:57 17 May 2011

The router is a NETGEAR WGR614v9. The name I am after is that which I used to identify my nerwork. Hope this helps. I am on NTL broadband and Windows XP. Cheers and thank you om antisipation.

  Strawballs 10:22 18 May 2011

In the address bar of your browser type and press enter.

You will now see the netgear router login page and by default you will be asked to authenticate yourself by providing a username and password.

In the username field type in admin

In the password field type in password

go to the wireless tab then SSID and change it to what you want, save changes and exit.

  redeyenewby 12:31 18 May 2011

Hi, Strawballs, Thank you for your advise. Only one thing different - the Netgear would not answer to, however, when I put in (default) it worked and I was able to change my home network name to it's correct identification. Thank you very much for your help and advise. Judging by the number of viewers of this thread I'm sure a lot of members will find ir very helpfull. Cheers.

  Strawballs 14:20 18 May 2011

Glad to have been of help click on one of the ticks next to the posts to change post to resolved.

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