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  ponytail 11:11 09 Apr 2012

I have just had my PC serviced and cleaned up at my local computer shop.I was told it would work much better with a larger capacity hard drive.It looks like the one I have is only 120gb and they have suggested getting a 500gb which would also speed it up.The problem is what drive to get how do I know what type I have ie Sata,Ate if those are makes of hard drives.Will it tell me somewhere on my Computer what I have installed already

  ponytail 11:16 09 Apr 2012

Just had a quick look on ebay and saw these any opinions anyone.

  ponytail 11:18 09 Apr 2012

Sorry the link does not seem to be working will try again

  onthelimit1 11:36 09 Apr 2012

Generally speaking, a larger hard drive will make little difference to the speed. 120Gb is not particularly small. How much space is taken up already? RAM is the main consideration where speed of an older PC is concerned. How much is fitted to yours?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:51 09 Apr 2012

How much free space left on the drive? You need approx 20% on the partition where your op system is located.

(25G) if you only have one partition c: drive.

  Strawballs 12:05 09 Apr 2012

If it's space your worried about just add a second drive for storage, my daughters machine has 120gig C drive for win7 and 500gig D drive for storage with3gig of ram and it runs fine.

  ponytail 12:21 09 Apr 2012

I hope this information helps. It says 42.00gb of free space and 69.7gb of used space

Went onto my computer then view system information and it said 2.00gb of RAM. I did think of getting a 500gb drive for my C drive and using the 120.0gb as a slave if that is what it is called and maybe add another 1gb of RAM does that sound ok

  robin_x 12:37 09 Apr 2012

Personally, I would keep the 120GB and add at least a 500GB or 1TB internal or external drive. External is convenient for use with other computers or laptops. Internal is faster but stays with the PC usually of course. Unless you are happy to keep opening the case and moving it around.

A 2nd drive is not only useful for extra storage, it can also keep backups (System Images) of the 120GB drive.

This is useful if the 120GB drive fails or is corrupted/infected. Images are easy and quick to restore.

An extra 1 or 2 GB RAM won't hurt either if budget allows. You may see a speed improvement depending on what you use the computer for.

  ponytail 13:18 09 Apr 2012

Hi robinofloxley I do have a 1TB external drive which has931gb of free space left.Would I have to transfer what is on the 120gb drive to my 1TB drive.What would then happen to my C drive ie the 120gb drive.Would the 1TB drive become my C drive.This is all new to me.How can I tell what type of RAM I have installed.

  ponytail 13:26 09 Apr 2012

Hi Again robinofloxley, Have just checked my RAM this is what they say.

184-Pin DDR DIMM PC2100 (266MHz)

Please see below for the 184-Pin DDR DIMM PC2100 (266MHz) Memory / RAM options available. These superior-quality 184-Pin DDR DIMM PC2100 (266MHz) memory modules are constructed using "Low-Density" memory components - giving greater compatibility, stability & reliability compared to cheaper "High-Density" constructed memory modules.

  • Guaranteed 100% compatible with existing memory (main advantage of "Low-Density" memory)
  • Low-Density chip construction - greater compatibility, reliability & stability compared to cheaper "High-density" memory modules
  • Memory modules designed & built to exact JEDEC specifications & standards
  • Highest-quality multi-layer memory PCB construction for superior performance
  • Extensively factory tested prior to shipment
  • Free technical support
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Simple installation
  • Memory upgrade installation guide included

Your Scan Results Your Unique Scan ID: 8692-9354-8969
We could not detect the exact model of your computer. We have however, detected the correct type of memory required, please see below for the memory options available. Your computer currently has the following memory configuration:
Total Memory Slots: 4
Spare Memory Slots: 2
Total Installed Memory: 2GB (2 x 1GB)
Slot 1: 1GB
Slot 2: 1GB
Slot 3: Empty
Slot 4: Empty
Notes: We were unable to detect the maximum amount of Memory that can be Installed in your Computer. Email us with the Unique Scan ID and we will be happy to advise you.

If you have any questions regarding the details and information on this page, you can send us an email that will include your unique Scan ID number, this will enable us to access your scan results and assist with any queries that you may have, simply click here to send us an email.

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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:41 09 Apr 2012

Plenty of room on that 120G drive.

I suggest you add more RAM if you want to speed things up.

and use you external drive for backups / images.

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