change a Excel file into a .JPG

  Zebrapec 23:18 23 Jan 2007

Hi, I need to send a Excel file by e-mail. How do I change it into a .JPG or TIFF or GIF file please.

  skippettman 23:22 23 Jan 2007

I have used this software previously:

Win2PDF creates PDF files from any Windows NT, 2000, Server 2003, Windows x64, or Windows XP application. Win2PDF installs as a printer, so all you need to do is print from any application to create the PDF file.

click here

  johnnyrocker 23:22 23 Jan 2007

any special reason why you need to change it?


  Zebrapec 23:26 23 Jan 2007

I was asked by someone in Spain with a Mac computer, do not know the real reason, just being polite in responding to their request

  cycoze 23:45 23 Jan 2007

Well the excel file will not function/work, but you can bring the file up and when in view simply tap the PRT SCR (print screen) key on your keyboard, now click on `start` go into `all programs` then into `acceories`, click on `paint`, when paint is open, click on `edit` then click on `paste` (or you can use the CTRL+V keys), an image of the open excel file will appear.

Now click on `file` then on `save as`, that will pop a save box up, use the `save as file type` drop down menu to select either jpg/tiff/gif etc.

  cycoze 23:52 23 Jan 2007

When i said the excel file wont work, i meant that the image you send your friend wont work as an excel file, it will just be an image, your excel file will still work for you.

  Zebrapec 23:55 23 Jan 2007

ok, but will these answers work on say, 10 different views in Excel i.e. from row 1 to say row 500

  cycoze 00:06 24 Jan 2007

The print screen method above will copy whats on your screen at the time, so you would have to take several screenshots.

ie: first screenshot might copy rows 1 to 34 take your screen shot and paste into paint then save it, second screenshot you would scroll the excel file so rows 35 to 69 were in view then take your screen shot and paste into paint then save that, scroll the excel file so the next batch of rows were in view 70 to 100, so on and so forth.

How many rows you have in view will be dependent on your screen resolution, the above works out on a 1024x768, if your resolution is higher you will see more rows.

Either way you will end up taking and saving several screenshots.

  terryf 00:09 24 Jan 2007

If your friend in Spain gets a copy of open office for mac click here he/she could then read the excel file

  stevelincsuk 00:10 24 Jan 2007

Im not sure why you want to convert an excel file to a picture file, the only way I can see it being done is by a screen shot or multiple screen shots depending on what area you are wanting to convert, or to a PDF file, both of which has already been suggested above.

Why can you not send the excel file? if the recipient does not have office installed then he (or she) can download the Excel Viewer 2003 free of charge from microsofts web site which will enable them to view the file without having office installed.

Excell viewer -> click here

Good luck!

  stevelincsuk 00:15 24 Jan 2007

ah - just seen it for a mac lol, another tool you could try is icexcel which is developed so that mac users can view M$ documents

icexcel -> click here

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