change Excel FamTree image Templ to .jpeg or .tiff

  Siralli 13:28 24 Aug 2007

I have built a Family Tree with images, bloodlines & info on an Excel spreadsheet. I can't upload to printer unless in .jpeg or .tiff
Can anyone help please.
All advice or help welcomed (semi - novice)



  James1947 14:44 24 Aug 2007

Download this freeware resizer\converter from

click here

and convert them to jpeg or tiff

  VoG II 15:05 24 Aug 2007

Select all the cells that you want to print. Hold down Shift, Edit > Copy Picture, release Shift and follow the prompts.

Go into a drawing program like Paint and Edit > Paste then save in your desired format.

Why can't you print directly from Excel?

  Siralli 15:58 24 Aug 2007

Hi all,
Many thanks for kind response.

First - ans to VOG Excel query?
I need to print a rather large size from about 20" x 16" upwards - so I must use a printer that I found on the inet. Unfortunately when trying to upload my file - the printers software doesn't recognise my file.
My file makeup is:
I am using an Excel spreadsheet, mapping out the Family Tree with relevant info...names - yob etc and the line etc... Then I have imported the thumbnails (all .jpeg)that I created - to the s/s and then positioned them. I have then managed to save this file in both .xls and .pdf (got someone to do the .pdf for me)
Does this make it any clearer guys n gals?
I hope I have put it across a little better!

James1947 - This will only convert the images won't it? I really need to convert the whole file in order to upload it! This is what I am being told by support for the printers. So I really need the whole file to be .jpeg or .tiff - if this makes sense?
Or am I being dim - is there a better way for me -now that you know my full layout?
Can you help?

Thanks to all, in anticipation


  James1947 16:17 24 Aug 2007

I completely mis-understood, I thought you just needed to convert the images. I.m not an Excel user, but VoG is the resident expert, and I'm sure he will come back.

  VoG II 16:32 24 Aug 2007

Have you tried the Copy Picture method that I suggested?

  Siralli 17:02 24 Aug 2007

Hi, (VoG)
Yes I have, but I cannot seem to get the ned result right - perhaps you could tell me if/where I am going wrong?
I am selecting (a) Appearance = as shown on screen
(b)Format = picture - then pasting into Paint.

When I look at the (saved file)end result, it only shows an A4 size part of my save, which cuts a fair size chunk off the whole area that I highlighted to save. When I re-open the file back in Paint, it only shows the same A4 size area, despite scrolling to extremes.
Can you advise where I am going wrong?

Kind regards & thanks.


  Siralli 17:04 24 Aug 2007

If it helps any - I am using Vista op sys.


  VoG II 17:13 24 Aug 2007

Try Appearance = as printed.

  Siralli 19:39 24 Aug 2007

I have just tries this again.
What I think it appears to be doing - is copying across to paint, as 1 x A4 size page (portrait) - despite me highlighting ALL that I need to convert in my spreadsheet.
Could this by any chance be defaulting to this and if so is there any way of stopping it doing so?
For normal printer use, I know you can use portrait or landscape etc, but can it also be set to say view a given size such as A3 or even A2 landscape etc, and then perhaps save and convert as such?
I am not too well up in this so I may be going round in circles for nothing and you may perhaps have a much simpler solution.

Kind regards and thanks for your help


  VoG II 20:06 24 Aug 2007

You may want to change the zoom setting in Excel so that you can see everything before selecting it.

I've checked this on a massive spreadsheet going across to column IV or thereabouts and I end up with the whole lot in Paint.

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