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  [DELETED] 12:35 21 Sep 2003

I had a few drivers, incl sound, installed from a local shop. The sound hasn't been right, crackling on games and music. My mobo is an MSI-6183 and I reckon the driver should be a Creative ES-1373 and have downloaded it. I've tried to remove the existing one, a SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio driver, but when I try to install the new one after 18% of the install it stops responding and the 'Add new hardware wizard' kicks in and finds and installs the old one. How can I do this? Thanks TR

  [DELETED] 13:15 21 Sep 2003


  Terrahawk 13:19 21 Sep 2003

the existing sound max driver is correct for your mobo's onboard sound hence the reason it keeps reinstalling it

  [DELETED] 13:30 21 Sep 2003

Sorry to hear your still having a problem with this driver install. We both checked the msi site yesterday and it does say the correct driver is ES1373.

But seeing you are not able to install it, I'm wandering if there was some change made at the shop that loaded your current driver. [SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio driver]. They must have had a reason for using that particular driver, or if you are not completely removing it from your system before installing the new one. What has me confused is, why the wizard kicks in and is able to find the old driver!

Sorry I'm not much help on this, but someone will have the answer. Stick with it, and good luck. j.

  woodchip 14:20 21 Sep 2003

Go to Device Manager and Remove sound, Then restart your computer and when Wizard ask's for driver try loading the new driver

  [DELETED] 15:23 21 Sep 2003

woodchip, tried that but couldn't get to the desktop where the new driver is. I know the folder the old driver is in, so could I make a copy to disk, just in case, and then delete it from the folder? TR

  woodchip 15:31 21 Sep 2003

Yes but he should have the driver on a CD, From when he got the card

  [DELETED] 16:10 21 Sep 2003

woodchip, sorry I should have said I got no disks with this PC. That's why I took it to a shop to have them fitted. TR

  woodchip 18:44 21 Sep 2003

Do this, Open Explorer and make it a small window so you can see desktop and Explorer, Create a new folder under C:\ and name it as just .A. Right click the driver on desktop and drag to new folder that you can see in explorer and choose copy or move, you should then be able to browse to the folder for the driver

  [DELETED] 19:50 21 Sep 2003

woodchip, I'm not sure if it's MSI's error but when I installed that driver, through 'update driver',it locked up my PC when booting up. Luckily I made a copy of the old driver and swapped them over. It was quite a scare so I think I'll take it back to the shop, as it was their error originally. Thanks TR

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