Change dates and time of videos

  [DELETED] 20:50 10 Feb 2012

I can RENAME video and other files, but not the dates or times. A long time ago I used an application called "Properties Plus" on my old XP, and that would change the date. Is there a free application for Windows 7? geedad

  rdave13 21:32 10 Feb 2012

Don't know about videos but any photo file you right click and select properties and under the details tab you can change any of the metadata. This is in Windows 7.

  [DELETED] 23:11 10 Feb 2012

Lazarus The 2nd

I have tried the Set-FileDate application, for which I thank you. However, perhaps I did not make myself clear. I want an application to change the date/time that is EMBEDDED in the finished video. Perhaps this is not possible, but I have a miniture camera which records variable dates, and although I have asked the makers (F and H) for information, it is not at all clear how to make the camera embed the correct date in the video. I have successfully used your Set-FileDate application, but it does not change the date in the actual video. Is there another application that can do this? Just for the record, I pass on the details that the maker of the camera sent me:

  1. Build a text called TAG.TXT under root directory of card.

  2. Open TAG.TXT , write synchronous date according to enclosure strictly ?

Details as follows:

[date] need space with new line.

2009/07/22 need space with new line.

12£000£000 ?

Power on machine everytime, system will check and analyse TAG.TXT, then set system time according to file time. After that the text will be deleted by system automatically. !!

If you can understand that, please let me know! Thanks again for your very good program.


  [DELETED] 23:16 10 Feb 2012

rdave13 Thank you for your response. See my reply to Lazarus The 2nd. geedad

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