Change of CD in drive is not recognised.

  Frank-P 19:05 27 Nov 2004

I have had to rebuild a PC with a severely corrupted installation of Windows ME. I completedly reformatted the C: drive and then installed Windows XP.

All seemed normal, including the CD drive (from which i did the installation). However, after using the CD drive once, Windows refuses to accept that the disk in it has changed. Autorun does not work. If you click on it in Windows Explorer after changing the CD, it displays previous CD contents. Refresh (F5) does nothing, and trying to run (for example) D:\Setup.exe results in a black DOS windo appearing for a second or two, then shutting, and absolutely no activity on the CD drive.

If you reboot, the drive then behaves normally for the first CD (either Autorun or via Explorer.

Device Manager shows the driv as working correctly, and it is using the (current) generic driver from Windowsm (as I would expect).

Anybody got any bright ideas?

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 19:16 27 Nov 2004

click here
and use site search, then search for cd drive and find try the fix 'Restore CD/DVD Drives to Explorer'? Perhaps worth a try?

  Rtus 20:39 27 Nov 2004

Is the Mobo one that came bundled with WinME(a thought is it may not respond too well to having Xp added to the original ME drive)A recent example was trying to rid a friends Xp home OEM bought machine of its preloaded Xp to replace it with W98se which was a real so-n-so to achieve with similar errors/freezes to get around ,A low level format of the drive & Reseting the bios was the only way this was achieved. However do check your mobo web site for IDE/mobo drivers update.That may help..

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 11:30 10 Dec 2004

Have you resolved the drives problems since your rebuild?

  Frank-P 23:13 10 Dec 2004

PC owner is away, so unable to try suggested fixes until next week - I'll let you know!

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 22:56 25 Dec 2004

Any news?

  Frank-P 15:37 28 Dec 2004

Amazingly, problem seems to have solved itself - or t least, I have been unable to recreate it!

Thanks for the suggestions.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 20:51 28 Dec 2004

No problem, please tick as resolved.

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