Change of case

  dazza39 13:25 15 Dec 2008

Im upgrading my case with a barebone system, all I will need to do is transfer over my hard drives and graphics card to new case, my question is once i've connected everything, will I have to re-install windows or will it just load up as normal?.

  canarieslover 13:32 15 Dec 2008

You will need to do a re-install unless you are very lucky as the drivers for the new motherboard will not be the same as for the old motherboard. You can try to disable all the drivers that you can before removing hard drive from the old computer as that may give you a better chance of success. If it does boot then install new motherboard's drivers and keep your fingers crossed. Good luck.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:01 15 Dec 2008

Drivers to disable BEFORE changing motherboard
click here

  brooklynsual 14:44 15 Dec 2008

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  dazza39 14:44 15 Dec 2008

Should have mentioned ,motherboard, processor ,ram will already be installed when I get case so wont have to that part,do I still follow guide above?.

  dazza39 08:59 24 Dec 2008

The system i'm getting is AMD based going from socket 939 nvidia chipset, to AM2 nvidia type board so will I still have to re-install?.

  canarieslover 09:11 24 Dec 2008

As it is AMD to AMD you will probably stand a better chance of putting the hard drive in without re-installing. Follow the advice in Fruit Bat /\0/\ thread and remove motherboard drivers before rebuild. You can then install new drivers from the CD that will come with the new motherboard.

  dazza39 20:19 24 Dec 2008

Well I did change and didnt even need to use guide fired up straight away all I had to do was load some motherboard drivers and thats it, no re-install guess drivers were compatible with old board, thanks for help though.

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