Change the boot.ini location on multi boot system

  CLONNEN 17:15 02 Aug 2005

I have a multi-boot computer with the following setup :

C drive Windows ME
D drive Windows XP SP1
E drive Windows XP SP2

The boot partition is drive C. The trouble is that my Windows ME system may need reinstalling as I am having some problems that I cannot find a solution for. Obviously I cannot just reinstall ME straight over the top of the existing drive C without buggering up the boot-up of Drives D and E.

Is it possible to move the boot.ini file to either Drive D or E, do the reinstall of ME and then move it back onto Drive C. Or would this muck up my being able to boot into the D and E drives?

Do I need to move anything besides the boot.ini file for the booting process?

  BurrWalnut 19:48 02 Aug 2005

Boot.ini must be on the C drive, along with a few other files.

  CLONNEN 08:51 03 Aug 2005

This is what I am saying I CANNOT leave it on the C drive because it will be overwritten when I reinstall Windows ME and I will be unable to boot into the two XP operating systems.

I am asking can I temporarily move it (or to be more precise - a copy of it) to another drive letter and then copy it back after the reinstall?

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