Change boot drive letter

  ensonricky 01:23 15 May 2004

I installed a new hard disk due to problems with my original disk which has now been trashed. I am now however left with a hard disk with 2 partitions, drive letters F boot and G data. Is it possible to change the drive letter of F back to C without screwing up my XP boot up?

  temp003 05:13 15 May 2004

Not recommended as it entails too much fiddling, and there's a risk you may not be able to log on to Windows after a restart.

Presumably you have only one hard disk now which has 2 partitions; it's booting into Windows fine, but drive letters are shown as F and G.

You cannot use Disk Management to change either the system partition or boot partition.

To do it manually, you need to (1) change the path to the userinit.exe file in the current XP registry (to point to the new drive letter); (2) change the drive letter F to C manually in XP registry or use 98 floppy to do an fdisk /mbr command; (3) if the above succeeds, and you manage to log on to Windows after changing the drive letter, you need to change all previous references of drive letter F to drive letter C in the registry and Windows shortcuts (such as program shortcuts).

(1) and (2) are the risky part; (3) is the tedious part.

  ensonricky 14:24 15 May 2004

I thought as much I have made tentitive attempts in the past, think I'll leave well alone. Thanks for your response.

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