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Change Belkin wireless router password

  tony-guitar 20:33 23 Aug 2013

I have a Belkin N300 wireless router with the original password as supplied. I've been advised to change it, but after printing out the instructions from Belkins' website, I'm told to right-click the green Belkin Router Manager Icon and select Router Settings. But this Icon doesn't exist on my desktop. How can I find it? I tried 'search' and Device Manager but no results. I'm running Win7 on a desktop pc, connected to Virgin Media via an ethernet-cable connected cable modem, with my printer, a laptop, and other mobile devices using the wireless router as required. Any suggestions please

  john bunyan 21:22 23 Aug 2013

In the address field (where you put in web addresses) type in It will bring up the Belkin controls. Just press enter where needed (do not put anything in password. Also see Belkin

do be careful to keep a copy if you change the password. Why did the person who advised you suggest changing the password?

  tony-guitar 23:27 23 Aug 2013

They had a topic on BBC1's The One show, showing how easy it was to crack wireless network passwords if you have the software, readily available online. The guy said you should change the password as soon as possible. This is over my head stuff, and a friend suggested that the password issued with the router may be a generic one, although Belkins' website say a password isn't given. I don't get that, as the password is on a sticker on the bottom of the unit!

  john bunyan 17:18 24 Aug 2013

I think that the Belkin network password is different for each router, and is quite safe. In my case I use the main one for my wired desktop, and the "Belkin Guests" one for laptop, iPad and visiting grand children's devices. Never had a problem. I do use WPA/WPA2 protection so unless you live somewhere where you suspect local hackers I would not be too concerned.

  tony-guitar 18:17 24 Aug 2013

Thanks John, that's helpful. Your set-up appears to be similar to mine, ie, my pc is hard-wired using an Ethernet cable, with the wireless router running from it. My wife uses it for her laptop and 'pad' and my printer is also connected wirelessly. I find this handy to print wirelessly from my phone using the Canon app.

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